Creation Web Novel Studio
I'm the author of "Creation: The Path of a God" and upload my narrated chapters to my YouTube and Facebook channels.
Robin Orion
Home of writer, comedian and host of The Robin Orion Show!
Deborah Kelty
Writer, blogger, artist, and aspiring media creator. Working on a debut fantasy novel for a future series and a second short story for the Whitstead Anthology collection.
EV Knight
I write poetry and host the Dare To Write Podcast. Working on poetry book two, stories, and other creative projects.
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2 posts
Bethany R. Lindell
Author & Artist
Rewriting the rules of propaganda.
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13 posts
Phil The Unspoken Hero
I'm an amateur content creator with a dream to make it big in the world and inspire people. What I specialize in is Writing, Voice Acting (learning), graphic design(learning), and video/audio editing/production (learning). I wish to inspire everyone
Frenetic Memories
Working on an original voice-acted +sound fx manga Will be doing videos about anime, tv shows, & movies on the side (Monday and Thursday)
I'm a writer, voice actor, and singer.

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