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Author of "Creation: The Path of a God," a story where an average guy gains unrestricted power and goes on a journey of self-discovery.
A passionate, intuitive digital marketer with a focus on data/ insights. Drawing on an evidence based approach to marketing, underpinned by an understanding of best practice methodologies, I use insights to validate marketing strategy and execution. This data driven focus extends to PPC campaign management, and informs the decisions I make as a Google Partner helping small to medium businesses get the most from the wide range of Google tools on offer. Focused on the customer, I develop and execute online/digital advertising strategies that increase sales, brand awareness, market penetration, and the success of product launches. For me, the key in balancing the art and science of marketing is the ability to use your data to inform and drive the creative brief. On a personal level, I’ve had a thirst for knowledge for as long as I can remember – I have always been interested in the ‘next big thing’. From ecommerce and influencers to algorithms and artificial intelligence. I am a passionate advocate for knowledge management. I am a qualified trainer and assessor, offering high quality private training and corporate facilitation sessions.
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