I create 3D models for games and for resin and PLA printing.
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Hello. I am Dave, and I make .stl files for 3D printing.
Making 28mm Evil Power Armoured Minatures
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Honestly, I make what I feel like. Graphic Design, video editing, VR sculpting, audio recordings, art, and more. I also do other stuff such as bird training and creative writing. Somewhat Random.
Acee Crafts
I have always enjoyed drawing cartoons! I draw model popular cartoons too (especially ladies)! Now I create my own characters and models! Also, we can 3D print! Contact us for more info, we can 3D print your work too!
Crafting videos about Crafting and 3D Printing, Gameplay Videos, and Game Art and Development
OM Entertainment
We're creating entertaining and educational videos!

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