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Honestly, I make what I feel like. Graphic Design, video editing, VR sculpting, audio recordings, art, and more. I also do other stuff such as bird training and creative writing. Somewhat Random.
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I just got my first 3d Printer, a mono price MP10. Here's my first #3dbenchy #benchy #3dprinting. Because I can sculpt 3d models in VR with Oculus Medium I'll soon be printing some really trippy sculptures!
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Something that I've been working for awhile now, a fantasy map of a world I have been building. Right now, If I am satisified with the quality of the overall story I believe it will be the greatest part of whatever content I intend to fund through subscribestar. #create #worldbuilding #fantasymap

By the way the map 88inx48in 300dpi so I can eventually add in all the details I want.


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