Hello my name is Ina the Fox. I make furry/animal art, I love foxes, fox-like pokemon and other animals too.My other links are:
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Stub-Tail Studios
My name is Krystina Starks but in the furry world I go by Sheba Wolf. I like to draw animals and take photos.
Starring K.I.M. The Artist (aka kimartist), her art, her cats & her travels through life.
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Oreo's Family and Friends
Story of "Oreo", girlfriend "Hissy" and their family and friends.
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Van Journey
We're Martin and Kate - we travel full time on the road, as a nomadic family of 4 humans, 2 rescue dogs and 1 cat. Since 2017, our rolling homes have been our only homes…. finding our way, earning, living life to the full and exploring. We love the lifestyle we’ve created ourselves... we hope to inspire, help + guide others, by sharing real life experience - keeping it real along the way. Now on our third van (inc a 4x4 off grid self build), so far we’ve adventured over 24 countries + 4 Greek islands in our vans alone.
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I am a self-publishing author who's currently working on a childrens books series entitled "If Plastics Could Talk".
The Adventures of Chuck
Watch and support Chuck on his adventures. He is an 18 pound Pomeranian with a large under bite who loves to Slav Squat. Chuck has traveled all over the country seeing the sights, smelling the smells and having a few conflicts along the way.
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Featured Stars

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