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CG and comics artist, writer, elf lover. Author of Fading World graphic novel.
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Mature cultist
  • Updates of "Living and Dead" remake (2-4 pages per month).
  • Spin-off comics and strips (not regular).
  • Sketches & concepts (not regular).
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Elder cultist
  • Benefits from previous lvl's.
  • WIP\irregular (right after completion) updates of active comic chapters.
  • Lore and texts - notes about the world and characters of the comic, novels (not regular).
  • "Monthly illustration" (4k px max). Regular at reaching $1000 total monthly support goal.
  • elfomancer's original art (on discord only, not here!).full access to the content
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  • Early access to new comic updates.
  • Lore and concept art.
  • Discord sponsor access.

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This page is under construction!

Hey hi, if you found this page somehow, stranger!
It's not active yet, just reserved for any shit that may suddenly happen, and in the process of approving for payouts, so if you want to toss a coin please go to my patreon.

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