The Dark Priest
I'm a freelance musician who composes a variety of different musical styles.
Cosmic consciousness is about introducing spiritual individuals to a variety of meditation practices. we has everything to Zen,Altered States of consciousness, Qigong, manifestation to yogic meditation to shamanic.
Nivritti the bliss within
This channel is dedicated to impart, the wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions, In the form of simple practices which can easily become part of one's lifestyle.
Art Of Sensation
Hi! I’m so glad you came by! Join here for some fun and discover the healing power of the sensual side of life with some stretching massage and breathwork!
meditating human
A random girl talking about spiritual stuff.
Inelia Benz
Are you ready to Complete the Circuit and delve into the deeper, woowooer, mystical, unlimited second hour of Driving to the Rez? Get the latest updates and seeings on the planet, including card readings and guidance from Gaia and the High-Frequency Human Collective. Find out the latest evolutions on the planet as they happen. And get an opportunity to ask your questions directly. NOTE: If you are a WalkWithMeNow member, you already have access to this content and more.
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Students Of  Franz Bardon and Mind Mind Body Fundamentals
Students of Franz Bardon is an informal collective aiming to provide the highest quality of assistance to students via text, audio, and video media. While Mind Body Fundamentals aims to provide access to information at the root of the old physical traditions in order to save you time and provide clarity on the path.
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