Rediscovering music one melody at a time
Fake Plastic Heads
I'm producing electronic music with bits of noise, glitch, IDM and industrial - recording as "Fake Plastic Heads" for many years now. You can find my music on Spotify.
Hello, everyone !I'm CGI and i'm a music producer / artist.Electronic, Chillout, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Trap Music and a few more.
the content I make is as follows livestreams making music shitpostsshorts
Podcasts and theme music tracks produced by Joe Charter, a musician with 100's of original music tracks, producing LIVE interviews of producers, book authors, entrepreneurs and music singer-songwriters from around the world
DJ Mesmes ♥ Zouk
creating songs, DJ sets and events for zouk dancers
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I publish useful synthwave music production tutorials design to improve your overall skills.

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