What is a COSMIX ?

COSMIX = Dj set + meditation live.

Every new moon night we gather online for this special ceremony from all around the world to meditate on sacred, meditative, cosmic music.

Participants will receive a ZOOM link before the show to connect with us live.

Also we can switch of our camera, a special dress code is welcomed : sacred, priestess, druid, shaman, elves, witches etc...

2023 COSMIX ceremony :

21 March, 20 April, 19 May, 18 June, 17 July, 16 August, 15 September, 14 October, 13, November, 13 December

You can attend your first COSMIX for free. Payment is not due until the 1st of the following month (most COSMIX's are held between the 13th and 18th of the month). If the ceremony is not convenient for you, you can unregister before the 1st of the following month and no payment will be taken.

Remember with COSMIX acces you will also :
  • Receive all new Jagual songs in mp3 + HD audio format.
  • Exclusive acces to Jagual's power object artworks 
  • Exclusive access to Jagual private telegram group

Subscribe now and see you at the next COSMIX ceremony !