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The Follow-Back Package

Simple, Affordable, Sustainable, and Makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

You get access to all Subscriber-Only Content and Unlisted Streams (i.e. - Sunday Afternoon Streams, Special Musical Sessions, etc); but also a Follow-Back on Twitter or MINDS with access to my Direct Message inbox.

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The Mailsack!

This is probably my favorite, because questions from the audience have singlehandedly turned dozens of good shows into unexpectedly GREAT shows!

Submit a question to be read and answered live on air, every week This includes a big, loving shout out, obviously.

Get creative! I'll answer personal questions, hypothetical questions, and offer opinions on Politics, History—Whatever! The stranger the questions get, the better this bit becomes.

*Unused questions do not roll-over.

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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are off to the races! I just wanted to note that this will be a very simplified account (at least for the time being) compared to Patreon, which has a vast number of reward tiers that I service monthly. Things like the Letter-writing, Postcards, and Polaroids all need to be in one place or I'll go mad.

So we'll start off with the Follow-Back and MailSack options, which are the most popular anyway, and see what other ideas pop up from there. And if you don't care about perks and just want to pledge support to the show, SubscribeStar allows you to pledge a custom amount of your choosing.

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  • Access to Subscriber-Only Content/Livestreams
  • Twitter Follow-Backs and Direct-Messaging
  • Contribute Thoughts and Questions for Nightly Show
The subscription gives you:
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This is a small portion of a larger monthly goal I am looking to hit across ALL PLATFORMS combined. The Vision: What started off as a once-a-week half-hour broadcast to talk about the dangers of the Federal Reserve System, has now turned into a robust [independently-served] Broadcast Network, anchored nightly by Quite Frankly, and featuring content blocks dedicated to everything from Movies, News, Cultural Commentary, Comedy, Live Musical Performances, Radio Dramas, and more... This dream requires a full staff of producers, engineers, co-hosts, writers, and interns working at a wholly owned and operated studio facility. Help me make it happen

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