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A brand new shared comic universe from Wikid Publishing. Three stories, three genres, one universe. First issues arriving September 21st!
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Donating as little as one dollar is one more dollar in the pockets of the creators who work tirelessly to bring you additional Mythoverse content. The more we can pay them, the more they can make! Artists and Voice actors alike will benefit from this support. Support at this level to gain early access to the Mythochibis comic, and exclusive audio content set in the Mythoverse. Access to our discord is included!

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  • Want to help us grow this brand new shared comic universe with fresh content from professional creators? Every dollar we receive goes straight to our artists and voice actors!
  • Want to have access to our discord for first crack at behind the scenes art and audio?
  • Want to make it possible for us to grow the Mythoverse with new books from new creative teams?

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Mythoverse Comics
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Welcome to the Mythoverse Subscribestar!

We've had a successful Kickstarter campaign, our artists have been paid and they are hard at work bringing us the three launch titles, so what is this place for?

Simple! We are not resting on our laurels now that the production costs of our three books has been taken care of by our generous Kickstarter backers. While the books are in production, and for the indefinite future, we, the three head creators of the Mythoverse shared universe, are bringing to our readers a wide variety of additional content in hopes of allowing readers to greater immerse themselves in the Mythoverse.

From a weekly webcomic over at, to an in-character twitch stream starring Maeve, one of our book's leads (, to an upcoming monthly podcast featuring all new story content set in the Mythoverse, we have big plans. But to bring them to fruition, we need to pay our creative teams.

That's where this page comes in. It will be strictly money in, money out; we will put all funds toward paying our artists and voice actors whose creative energies and efforts will make these features possible.

Want to be a part of growing this property? Will you help us? We hope so. Subscribing to the Mythoverse Subscribestar grants you access to upcoming exclusive audio content by professional voice actors and behind the scenes sneak peaks at our upcoming comic books in our discord, all for the low low cost of one dollar a month. Every little bit helps, and every little bit is important.

Let's do this! Looking forward to seeing you on board!

  • The Mythoverse Team

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