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Marnie Doodle Dots
I create beautiful one of a kind pieces of hand painted artworks using the pointillism method.
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You are able to donate using this tier to support my work and the funds will go towards purchasing more supplies needed to create more beautiful artworks!! Thank You!!

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My Newest Artworks!!

Access to view my newest art pieces, projects and WIP's (Work-in-Progress).

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Tips & Tricks!!

These are the tips & tricks of the trade on how I create my artworks!!

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Marnie Doodle Dots

I hand painted this Dot Mandala on a 8" x 10" stretched canvas! ! I used the colors of the rainbo...

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Marnie Doodle Dots
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I am so happy and blessed to be here at SubscribeStar!! I have been creating my artworks since September of 2017 and have grown a lot since then!! I have been able to teach myself on how to do this art form!! I love to paint each of my artworks on canvas, wood, glass and many other things that can be painted on!! This is a talent of mine that has been granted to me due to my patience, diligence and dedication to this art form. If you would like to find out more about how I go about creating my artwork, please subscribe to my page and unlock the tiers to know how to do so!!

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