Aaron Storm
For decades I've read at least a dozen books a month. For the past few years I've been writing as a hobby. I have a number of projects that are well on their way to novel length. My goal is to start sharing what I've written.
All Hail Temos
First Person RPG set in the Magical World of Temos
Graygor Narrates
Getting into story narration while also editing for Zren, the finest HFY narrator on Youtube. I also write the “Daily Diaries of Timothy Winthorpe Arthur Thackeray, Gentleman and Explorer”, a series of diaries that can be described as if Phileas Fogg had a Twitter account and was an idiot.
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Digital illustrations, sketches, and speedpaintings of sexy, cute, and horrifying critters
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Writer, wannabe artist, gamer, and animal lover. I'm publishing my fantasy novel here as a monthly serialization!
Christine Luft - Author
Science fiction and fantasy author, author of the Sunrise Regiment series
Knight's Congress
Knight's Congress is a free-to-play / free-to-make turn-based boardgame built for both PVP and RPG gameplay. Using a modular system, KC allows players to command a battalion of customizable soldiers led by a powerful knight.
Creating character art and manga for my story Ahro
Welcome! Thanks for coming by! Do you love Fantasy? Love D%D stories and immersive lore videos? Check out what I've got for you! Hope you enjoy!
A writer of fantasy and science-fiction. I write both novels and web serials.
Arthadian Anthologies
Forging a Creative Venture to entertain and immerse YOU into this New Expanding Universe!
Skyrim mods, games, and fantasy writing.
Percy Onii-chan
Hobbyist animator, writer, and artist for over 10 years.
Mikkell K Khan Author
Previews, Work in Progress, of Writing Fantasy, Business Titles and Crypto Investments.
Jordan E Kristofer
I write fantasy short fiction.
Covering 40k Lore
The Artificer's Fort
Welcome, adventurers! The Artificer's Fort is a place for all things related to the middle ages, medieval fantasy, role playing games, weapons, armor, and many other topics. You can check out more information on the website at:
I'm a composer, arranger, gamer, writer, amateur philosopher and video essayist. I make VLOGs about psychology and philosophy (especially as it pertains to video games) and I like to analyze fantasy media in depth.
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Jeszika Le Vye
I'm an imaginative realist painter and writer - creating elegant, sometimes haunting paintings, art prints, books, and worlds! Subscribe to receive beautiful treasures each month - whether digital or delivered to your door.
Matthew J. Mimnaugh
Hard science fiction and fantasy author of long series.
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Anna Nass
is creating the webcomic 'Homing Pigeon'
Manuel Boria
I make 3D Printable Miniatures for Tabletop Games
Comics, Illustrations, Art Events and Challenges. I draw Cyberpunk and Fantasy art. Working on Angelus Protocol, my first comic!
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Proximal Flame
For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in writing and science, so combining the two seemed natural. Creator of The Last Angel series.
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Content creator on Youtube, making educational / entertainment videos about historical arms and armor, martial arts, movie & video game tropes, and other topics.
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John C. Wright
Author of unworldly fantasies and high-flying pulp adventure
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William's Corner
I'm a self-published author writing fantasy and science fiction novels.
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