Gaming Channel with a focus on Metroidvania and action-platformer games. My content includes not only gameplays, but actually useful high-quality video guides and walkthroughs.
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I'm a small youtuber just starting out, I make gaming videos and tutorials for fun
I make videos with and sometimes without commentary, of various games.
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Mona Monroe
Mona Monroe aka Maniac Mona | Planet Maniac creator/co-founder | Queen of the Maniacs | Born with an Atari 2600 controller in hand | Retro gaming aficionado | Cat whisperer | Slenderman's fat cousin
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Half Kid Half Dad
A Kid and his Dad playing some fun games and sharing some laughs!
The official subscribe star for Critically Saved.
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A site for news on popular PC and console games, leaks and more.
Mr. Gentleman
My name is Mr. Gentleman and I create YouTube videos dealing with RPGs, among other things
Expert Game Reviews
Expert Game Reviews is a place where you can read honest reviews about indie games and major gaming news. In addition we write content about the games we've been playing since the olden days.
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US Army disabled veteran, multimedia producer, and inventor.
CrossPlay Gaming
Hello to everyone who watches and enjoys my gaming content and Christian commentary! Thank you so much if you decide to subscribe to me and support me financially. Every little bit helps me to produce more and focus more!
Razaels Revenge Gaming
Independent video game industry content creator/blogger. Looking to build a community of gaming content creators and a HUB for people to find their next gaming content creator. Visit the website for more:
Borosa Media Group
Creating Comics, Podcasts, and Gaming Experinces
Support me creating more Videos with just 1$ per Month
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A channel featuring game playthroughs where gameplay is king.
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I publish walkthroughs, playthroughs and everything gaming related hoping I've made your day a little brighter with a fun video I made. Some of the best video games ever made constantly being recorded and posted here for you!
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YouTube Creator [Gaming]
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For My YouTube Channel
Just a potato on the internet who is creating content for BitChute, Minds, and any platform that actually appreciates the creators.
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I make Burnout videos. I'm also a software developer and make modding tools.
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We are TheAlphaGeeks - a small group of creators developing the first digital media and entertainment company specially designed for the digital age. (But really we just had too many memes laying around and seriously needed an outlet.)
Mad Overlord Studios
Looking to launch a site to promote my website Be Mad!
A channel primarily focussing on Last Oasis gameplay and content.
I Got a Story i want to share and with your help, I can gain my goal.
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A floating head that lords over all he sees! Gaming and commentary, art work, and projects from my floating position.
The Chill Gamer
Video Gamer
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Perkedel Technologies
Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!
Justice Gaming
Justice produces gaming content on Twitch.
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Premium service for users of SmallSkill software and games. By subscribing to us, you will get monthly progress reports, early access to our software and customer support on our Discord channel. More information about us on
Temple of the MadPreacher
I'm a life long gamer of both pen and paper and video games. I enjoy sharing my love of both with people.
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