The Chill Gamer
Video Gamer
6 posts
Perkedel Technologies
Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!
Justice Gaming
Justice produces gaming content on Twitch.
0 posts
Premium service for users of SmallSkill software and games. By subscribing to us, you will get monthly progress reports, early access to our software and customer support on our Discord channel. More information about us on
Temple of the MadPreacher
I'm a life long gamer of both pen and paper and video games. I enjoy sharing my love of both with people.
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Metal Dinosaur
Scottish Musician and Multi-media Author
1 days
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1 post
The Crescent Moons
i make stuuff
20 days
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I'm Findominator just a friendly guy with a YouTube channel, stay happy!
Matthew J. Mimnaugh
Hard science fiction and fantasy author of long series.
30 days
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2 subscribers
3 posts
YouTube Partner/Twitch Affiliate/ DailyMotionPartner 🅵🅰🅲🆃🆂29|INTP|ADHD|Gamer|Otaku|Female|Hermit
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I am Jack and I make random content for Youtube and Twitch
Hello. My name is Plami .I'm an 19-year-old writer and content creator.I've created this profile for the people who want to support me so I can focus all of my attention on making videos and writing stories.
Id Scape Games
Our goal is to create an immersive and entertaining homebrew Fantasy Gaming experience with innovative plot lines and hilarious players and NPCs. Currently, we are hosting a Wednesday night virtual game at 6:30 PM CST live on
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We are, the #1 independent Linux gaming news and community website.
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Legally blind and autistic commentator, reviewer, fiction writer, and photographer
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34 posts
Avid Gamer and Brewer
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Ghostified Gamer
Currently I'm creating let's-plays of video games. Starting out on BitChute then YouTube. I hope to cover most all relevant video hosting web sites. I'll also create tutorial videos on certain games to help the newbies. Soon, I'll stream live to Trovo and YouTube gaming (maybe others)
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Black Shepherd Games
Independent Video Game Developers
30 days
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7 subscribers
135 posts
ARE Game Creation Studios
Roblox Game Development Studio with 40M+ visits
11 subscribers
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Dragon geek, artist, animator, lives with a bunch of robo-drakes... I mean what?
Deeveeaar is a internet activist devoted to fight scams.We work with a team of grey hat hackers and prank callers to stop these cyber criminals and make a difference all while entertaining you all and bringing awareness about scams and fraud.
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Jono Funk - The Arctic Seraph
The eternal optimist who indulges in escapism and caffeine! Formerly known as Cold Coffee Gamer.
I'm gregandcin, and I am living the Budget Geek Lifestyle. I make videos every other week on video games, tech, the internet, and other things you might be interested in while helping you spend a lot less money.
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I'm a gamer at heart.VR is my newest toy and i LOVE beatsaber!
A major nerd who loves all things gaming, D&D and art related! Become a Tiger Cub today!
I'm passionate about cartoons and comics and want to make all sorts of stuff for people like me to enjoy!
50+ gamer/youtuber/streamer/podcaster
Captain Frandad
I'm a gamer born in the 1960s (ish). I have been playing video games since the late 1970s. I produce gaming videos, sometimes co-starring a small person who often teaches the old fella how to play the games. I post my videos to both YouTube & BitChute.
6 posts
I make oldskool themed stuff for tabletop RPGs. Stuff such as illustrations, monster supplements, paper minis, etc.
I am a small content creator on YouTube and Bitchute where I make gaming, news and eventually other types of content. This is being set up in case anyone decides to be generous and contribute to my channels while I try to get them monetized.

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