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Black Shepherd Games

... About what happened last night

Thanks for everyone who joined us on our insane experiment into crowd-development. While it got off to a bit of a slow start, the results were comedy gold thanks to your individual inputs and reactions. 

Our monthly live stream, Wild Cards (or for BSG:  "Randomly Generated"), will be tomorrow night, May 31 at 7pm Eastern, 6 Central. And... we may continue "Kit-Cat's Odyssey" on a more individual basis. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Flood Steam With Cringey Visual Novels!
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Black Shepherd Games
Black Shepherd Games is an independent video game development studio created by two gamer/programmers, Matt and Nat. Together we are working together to fulfill our age-old goals of becoming video game creators. We will supplement our developer diaries with unique on-line video content.

Subscription Tiers

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Any help along our journey is greatly appreciated! In return you’ll receive WEEKLY audio project updates of what we’re working on.

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Bronze Shepherd

In addition to access to exclusive weekly update posts of what we’re currently working on, receive behind-the-scenes photos of our projects, and (by popular demand) pics of our German Shepherd mix mascot, Calamity.

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Silver Shepherd

Give us input! In addition to the exclusive weekly updates and behind-the-scenes images, you’ll receive exclusive access to our private Discord App chat servers where you can chat directly with us, post news, suggest topics, etc!

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Golden Shepherd

In addition to the updates and Discord App server access, we’ll also invite you to participate with us on a monthly group Q&A live streams and hangouts. You’ll also receive access to additional Discord App Channels behind our server, which will include monthly builds of our work.

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Platinum Shepherd

On top of all the above rewards, we’ll invite you to a solo, full-hour video recording once a month. Want to join us in a commentary while we play your favorite game on Twitch? Want to chat about the news, or just hang out? Want to plug your own creative work? We can work something out!



  • We are an independent video game development studio creating games and publishing game development diaries.
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