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Creating High Quality Cinematic Gaming videos, which include film-like editing to create original, re-purposed entertainment for film/game enthusiasts
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Demonetization Blocker (Bodyguard)

Your support helps offset that creator killer "limited to no ads" yellow demonetization mark! Help me fight off unfair restrictions that suppress & stop me from creating cinematic quality, freely.

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Thank you for wanting to support my hard work & time creating content for you! For just $5/month you get the regular inside scoop updates on what's going on and what's next. Gain access to locked posts which include exclusive updates, polls, and even pre-released video content! Also Take Part In Deciding What Our Next Video Is & Get Unique Discord Access

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Outlaws For Life

You gain access to my discord server at Outlaw level, which means you can join the patron-only chats and get in on the gaming events/behind the scenes video planning. You also qualify for professional tips and advice in many forms.

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You're my right hand. You're seeking revenge with me while backing me up with 100% loyalty. and help me create stress free with a roof over my head! Receive the rank of REVENGE in my discord server, which means access to the regular community hangout livestreams I plan weekly, and Your Name Will Appear in the production list for all of my new videos.

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  • Thank you for considering supporting me.
  • Exclusive Access, Supporter Only Streams & Games.
  • Your own creative input and ideas for new videos are prioritized!

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One month ago, my YouTube Gaming channel began to get targeted for demonitization across numerous...

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