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Hello. My Name is Henrik. I am from Austria. I play Overwatch, and make Highlights-Reels out of my Play-Sessions. Other Times I inform you about Free Games that are currently available, regurgitate Gaming-News and Unbox some Stuff too.
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Bag of Chips

This is the only reward tier I have now. Life is expensive, time is valuable... and you (you reading this) have already taken the time to watch the videos, and click the links... That's already enough without some crazy system of expensive tiers... and lets be honest its not like I am going to send you explicit Snapchats or something, so, 3 sounds about right. (I can get a bag of chips for that to snack on while scripting a video.)

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Everyone who visits this Channel already supports me more than they should ever be expected to so I just have the one tier reward. Thanks again to the whole community. 


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