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Welcome to the channel.
I'm Fornax, The Krytan Herald and I make YouTube gaming content with a focus on Guild Wars 2.
Tiberius Galerius
Self-published author, fanfiction, and ASMR writer.
Weeb Trash Audio
I am a male voice actor specializing in audio roleplays, primarily targeted towards a female audience. All audios produced are all highly immersive and engaging experiences. Enjoy!
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Midnight Skye ASMR
Hello! I am an ASMRist and a Voice Actress on YouTube, who does game on the side. I hope you have an amazing day!
I make regular ASMR Content. Either Reading a bed time story, or Do a trigger sound or making ASMR video games
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Hi. I make ASMR videos.
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All Natural Sound
Bringing you all natural sites and sounds for relaxation and meditation.
Cupid AA Club
I'm very passionate and love creating content. You'll get the best of both worlds from both Cupid Animations and Cupid Audios. Welcome to Cupid AA Club!
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