A single person making Adult Furry Comics and Artistic Commissions.
I am a single dad who creates art films, video art, and music here in Ottawa, Canada, and am working towards making these activities my full-time vocation and primary household revenue stream.
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Rogue Ways
Word-architect, thought-provocateur, creation slanger
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Storyboarding and creating for Peeko's Day Out, a short slice of life webcomic about an indian ring neck parakeet up to no good.
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Joakim Valentin
I'm self-studying visual artist. I'm building a portfolio and my skills currently. I plan on starting to do commissions soon and sell my personal works as prints.
Dearie Kaplan
I vlog, and I also write art reviews, from movies to live events.
We are an independent media company founded by a small team of professional filmmakers. No gimmicks. No clickbait. No agenda. We want to create content that's worth watching.
Drawings: Science, Philosophy, Art, Education, Technology.
Stronz Vanderploeg
I'm an independent filmmaker and content creator who loves cameras, lenses, lights and basically every kind of film gear.
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Just trying to find a way to make it in this crazy, mysterious world of ours.
Borosa Media Group
Creating Comics, Podcasts, and Gaming Experinces
Warped Minded
I am a pop surreal artist, and illustrator doing my thing full time.
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Jon Torres Art
I'm an artist making video art blogs in a quest to become a better artist. My hope is that my struggles and frustrations can help other artists just like me out there.
Ikatsu Hayashi
I make art and also try to help aspiring artists around the globe follow their dreams!
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Cameron McKirdy
Artist from Oregon. First Certified Male Pro Cuddler. Active YouTuber, and blogger for Survival Bros.
Percy Onii-chan
Hobbyist animator, writer, and artist for over 10 years.
I'm an freelance artist who draws cartoon/anime/video game fanart, and mermaids~
Hello~ I draw stuff! If you'd like to support me, thank you very much!
A floating head that lords over all he sees! Gaming and commentary, art work, and projects from my floating position.
I am an illustrator and a webcomic artist.
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Dark House Rules
We are a dice and paper role playing game design studio, who specializes in adventures, and accessories for your game. We also do commission art, both for personal and commercial use
ZeroRaptor Studios
Welcome to my SubscribeStar page! I am ZeroRaptor, an aspiring artist and video gamer. Feel free to donate whatever amount you feel like. Thank you for your humble contributions!
Illustrator/Comic Creator/Animator
Event DJ + Social Entrepreneur + Artist/Content Creator
Vulpes Tribus
I paint and write about fantasy settings. I also stream games on twitch if you're interested in that stuff.
Plague Mass is a monthly queer performance art drag show.
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The Crescent Moons
i make stuuff
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Freelance Artist, Animator, 3D designer, Content Creator with big worlds and dreams on the horizon.
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Zem1ki on twitter :>
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Michael Coutto
Producing animated shortfilms

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