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An artist and aspiring writer, hoping to improve and make a living off of either or both
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I will post rough sketches, as well as the final pieces, of finished art to show the process I went through. I'll also writ up details about these steps, problems I ran into, solutions or changes I found, etc.

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With this guy, I actually had a running joke going on regarding the comic artist Ethan van Sciver...

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Ef671f17 d737 4899 ba26 593b19c337bb 120x120 29x29 245x245
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Drawing off the cuff can be fun. I had 'pie thief' in mind when I was sketching, and wanted to draw something dynamic. The end result is this cuddly character leaping into the sky after a good heist, hehe. Enjoy! I'll make an in-depth post with sketches and general thoughts on my direction with this guy next for my subscribers.

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