I'm JRDN -- an artist, a gamer, and streamer. Here you can support my work.
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Trinket's Gaming Shenanigans
Hey! My name is Trinket (She/her), please pet me and tell me i'm a good puppy. 🐶 I make Minecraft modpacks and host servers, If you like my content and want to buy me a coffee this is the place.
I am creating YouTube videos and Live streams
Game Analyst and Reviewer
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Let's plays and other assorted stuff.
Ceri Cat
Stories, programs, streams.
Creating Free to Play browser based games without P2W
I do be doin the thing.
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a gamer who loves games
Gaming my way
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YouTube Partner/Twitch Affiliate/ DailyMotionPartner 🅵🅰🅲🆃🆂29|INTP|ADHD|Gamer|Otaku|Female|Hermit
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Gaming, Tech, YouTube, Streamer, Creator, Mad Lad
gaming channel
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That smug Australian prick on YouTube that might've made a video or two you saw that one time
Uraence Oakleaf Gaming
Art, Items, NPCs & Maps from our game streams. Also a Tips page for those who'd like to support what we do.
This Subscribe Star is here for anyone who enjoys my content and wants to support me do what I do.A donation of any size will help me continue to create content, get better equipment, and quite frankly keep the lights on!
Legally blind and autistic commentator, reviewer, fiction writer, and photographer
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Kim Sama
I do gameplay videos, thoughts, reviews, and reactions. My goal is to entertain everyone.
Captain Frandad
I'm a gamer born in the 1960s (ish). I have been playing video games since the late 1970s. I produce gaming videos, sometimes co-starring a small person who often teaches the old fella how to play the games. I post my videos to both YouTube & BitChute.
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Eilistraee's Champions
Eilistraee's Champions, a D&D group for hating the dice
A humble streamer, stopping at nothing short of world domination! Or at least the chance to have fun playing games, one of the two.
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YouTube videos & Twitch streams!
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Crigence n' GWAG
Here we upload slightly higher-than-average quality, humor-focused live commentary game playthroughs (Also known as "lets plays") that feature the luxuriant, vulgar Crigence and the fainéant, bucolic GWAG. As of writing this: Upload dates are rocky and morale is low, hence a rather low donation requirement.
Let’s Plays, Video Editorials, Mainly Gaming and Stuff...So be sure to Like, Subscribe, Share, and Comment on my Stuff! ... Or else...
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Romanian Reaver
Gaming Youtube with no real filter overall that does gaming critique videos every month or so and is all around a royal asshole with a heart of gold.
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Geomancy Games - Small youtuber! I talk politics and make video game compilations. Single father looking to grow an audience!
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Mange Plays Live
Your perfect at home gaming companion. Relax and throw on some Mange Plays Live while you do your own thing. I play a broad range of game genres: Old, new, indie and AAA. Plus MODs! Not just PC but exclusive titles on console too
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Fan Art, Original Art, and Game Dev!
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You're contribution helps offset that dreaded yellow demonetization mark!
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I make Burnout videos. I'm also a software developer and make modding tools.
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