Giant Sword Podcast
We produce a JRPG focused podcast and are looking to branch out a little bit. For example some YouTube videos or Live Streaming. If you enjoy our content and would like to support us, subscribing here would be your best option!
Mad Overlord Studios
Looking to launch a site to promote my website Be Mad!
The Chill Gamer
Video Gamer
6 posts
Premium service for users of SmallSkill software and games. By subscribing to us, you will get monthly progress reports, early access to our software and customer support on our Discord channel. More information about us on
I Create lets-play videos of video games. They tend to be Total-War and RPG games like Pokemon, including fan made. I do two videos a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Will wait till the next Monday before new content starts..
We are, the #1 independent Linux gaming news and community website.
Black Shepherd Games
Independent Video Game Developers
15 subscribers
148 posts
ARE Game Creation Studios
Roblox Game Development Studio with 40M+ visits
11 subscribers
2 posts
My content will be Homestead learning, Programing and AI development, and gaming.
Jono Funk - The Arctic Seraph
The eternal optimist who indulges in escapism and caffeine! Formerly known as Cold Coffee Gamer.
Hello, I create music covers of retro videogames. By subscribing to the download tier you get access to download links of my covers in FLAC and MP3 format.
16 posts
I make oldskool themed stuff for tabletop RPGs. Stuff such as illustrations, monster supplements, paper minis, etc.
I'm passionate about cartoons and comics and want to make all sorts of stuff for people like me to enjoy!
Indigo Gaming
Indigo Gaming is a solo YouTube project that covers video games through reviews, retrospectives and longform documentaries.
1 subscriber
11 posts
Hi! My name is Zakh and I create nostalgic, educational, and entertaining video game YouTube videos and Twitch live streams. You can find everything I do at including written articles, artwork, and origin story. This SubscribeStar page acts as a tipjar for you to support what I do.
1 subscriber
6 posts
WIPs, OCs, fan art, fandom meta and more!
1 subscriber
144 posts
Geomancy Games - Small youtuber! I talk politics and make video game compilations. Single father looking to grow an audience!
2 subscribers
5 posts
Captain Frandad
I'm a gamer born in the 1960s (ish). I have been playing video games since the late 1970s. I produce gaming videos, sometimes co-starring a small person who often teaches the old fella how to play the games. I post my videos to both YouTube & BitChute.
7 posts
50+ gamer/youtuber/streamer/podcaster
welcome to the official subscribestar of gamertron your #1 gamer for gameplays and walkthroughs
Miss Cannabis
I'm a Female Gamer/Streamer. I love interacting with my viewers and welcome anyone to join in my daily gaming streams,convos, and any future upcoming events!ALL SUBSCRIBERS will recieve a special invite to our discord server! TYSM
7 days
 Trust Period
1 subscriber
0 posts
I am a small content creator on YouTube and Bitchute where I make gaming, news and eventually other types of content. This is being set up in case anyone decides to be generous and contribute to my channels while I try to get them monetized.
🏴‍☠️ T S I X G a m i n g . c o m 👾 Alien Weapon Technology Research
I'm a Twitch Streamer at where I play mostly Mine Craft and Cyberpunk 2077. Looking forward to adding Hytale and Ashes of Creation.
36 days
 Trust Period
2 posts
Ujimasa Hojo
Gaming and Modding Channel
Hello. My Name is Henrik. I am from Austria. I play Overwatch, and make Highlights-Reels out of my Play-Sessions. Other Times I inform you about Free Games that are currently available, regurgitate Gaming-News and Unbox some Stuff too.
We are TheAlphaGeeks - a small group of creators developing the first digital media and entertainment company specially designed for the digital age. (But really we just had too many memes laying around and seriously needed an outlet.)
gaming channel
0 posts
Creating funny gaming content and creative tutorials on audio, video and photo editing, and even offering advice on enterprise IT solutions.
I'm gregandcin, and I am living the Budget Geek Lifestyle. I make videos every other week on video games, tech, the internet, and other things you might be interested in while helping you spend a lot less money.
0 posts

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