Hello. I'm a YouTube content creator that produces social (and political) commentary styled videos.
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Marie's Chatty Tarot
We use tarot cards to get the underlying message on current events affecting us.
FATE! Join now to support innovative game development...
Cyn's Corner
Reaction/review videos to films, shows, stand-up comedy and more
289 posts
Nathan Smith
Online content. Long-form analysis, short skits and occasional live streams
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Welcome to our channel, with your hosts Athanatos and Kynnigos. Straight talk about various world and entertainment issues.
The Osseophile
Illustrator, filmmaker, and musician.
Reg From Alaska
I am the only Alaska Native Stand Up Comedian/ Paranormal Investigator in the world. Which means I tell Jokes to Ghosts!
I'm an artisan with wood, resin epoxies, miniatures, and a variety of other materials, whatever crosses my strange little mind. Given that I'm doing this without a dedicated workshop and without a lot of expensive tools, it gets pretty inventive!
Cece Says Hello!
...Giving A Voice To Real Stories...
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Hello. I am EmperorPeeter. I am Estonian person with varierity skills and activities. I do content on VRChat, been musician and artist over 20 years, also modding a lot of games and like to play and find a good methods to play the games.
Twitch variety streamer from Romania. I play all kinds of games, but I mainly focus on action games, like DMC, or on RPGs, like Gothic. What can you expect from my streams? Interesting games, above average gameplay, humor, a russian accent and flexing.
TheNerdDork focuses on making videos on Youtube in regards to Video Games, Anime, and Manga, Etc. where I give my hot takes on things going on in entertainment, and even reviews of said entertainment.
The Savage Atheist
I run the YouTube channel The Savage Atheist where I bootstomp people with logic. Here, hold my crown.
Rubi Moon aka RubidiumMoon is an online content creator who makes videos and livestreams a variety of different games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, and more.
Creating High Quality Cinematic Gaming videos, which include film-like editing to create original, re-purposed entertainment for film/game enthusiasts
Couch BroTato Gaming
We are a group of spuds who get together for your gaming enjoyment! If you're here, we greatly appreciate your support, and will do our best to listen to feedback and improve the overall quality of our content! We hope you enjoy!
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Multimedia content to entertain, aid, and provide a deeper inspection and introspection for men.
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Controversy, opinions, no f*cks given.
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Three Count Commentaries
Writing Fiction. Wrestling commentary. Comics. Movies. TV. Independent political opinions.
We are TheAlphaGeeks - a small group of creators developing the first digital media and entertainment company specially designed for the digital age. (But really we just had too many memes laying around and seriously needed an outlet.)
Razaels Revenge Gaming
Independent video game industry content creator/blogger. Looking to build a community of gaming content creators and a HUB for people to find their next gaming content creator. Visit the website for more:
Son of Sonnet
Poet and Actor Combatant.
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Streaming and posting videos of video games and other things, with more to come!
Mike The Marine
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Cancerian House
Amy here, I'm fun, feisty, and a unique awakening soul. I'm a tarot reader, writer, and mom to wonderful little & big souls. I love music, reading and exploring the unknowns. Join me for Fun with the Tarot.
Accurate but edgy content about current and world events.
iSpike, a Biker who’s interests are YouTube, Live Streaming, Motorcycles, Filmmaking, Music & meeting awesome people from all around the world. Forever the E N T E R T A I N E R.
Pretty much anything and everything on my mind. From toxic people, toxic places, toxic control and even the Toxic Avenger. I'm a free thinker who does not ascribe to the left/right. If you're looking for diverse content, you're in the right place 💫
The Tear
The Tear publishes cosmic horror fantasy stories in both the written word and the moving image.

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