I'm an Artist, Illustrator, Writer, & Entertainer.I am also pretty insufferable... why are you even here? LOL
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5 posts
Mindless Entertainment
Love the channel, but don't like Patreon? It's got less finesse, but for only $5 a month, you get every piece of bonus content featured on Patreon.
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James Allsup
I create videos, produce podcasts, give speeches, and conduct historical research. Your investment allows me to continue produce informative, engaging material that can be enjoyed and shared. Thank you!
51 subscribers
118 posts
Weeb Trash ASMR
I am a male voice actor and ASMRtist specializing in audio roleplays, primarily targeted towards a female audience. All audios produced are all highly immersive and engaging experiences. Enjoy!
7 subscribers
7 posts
Wait Wait Wait
I create YouTube videos which analyze and breakdown movies, games, etc.
Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor is a channel to talk about Men's Rights, men going their own way and other societal concepts. I talk about news, opinions, humor and ways to better yourself and find happiness in today's society.
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I am Nim or if you are feeling professional Nimicry. I am a full time Engineer, Marine Veteran, and content creator. I am working on my journey to become a better creator. So far I am teaching myself some video editing and other things.
The Evangelist
A 4x Punished Shitposter who now makes content.
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Veteran, Father, Husband, Conservative, YouTuber, and all around American
Nathan Smith
I make online content. Long-form analysis, short skits and do regular live streams
The Official SubscribeStar account for WCBs
5 subscribers
27 posts
Jai Haze
Everything is Everywhere
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41 subscribers
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Auto-regulate es un Podcast multilingüe con la misión entretener y de ayudar a sus oyentes y seguidores a tomar su bienestar en sus propias manos mediante el enfoque de responsabilidad individual y resiliencia. La información de calidad es nuestra arma más valiosa.
that romaboo
9 posts
YouTube content creator who speaks his mind, yet usually gets demonetized and/or shadowbanned.
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This Podcast show is all about storytelling, current event and trending topics.
Reactions, game videos, cooking videos, and reviews.
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*Host of 'The Digital Soldier Network'*10 year Navy Vet*Former Code Breaker (-.-.|-|.-.)*The data ALWAYS tells a story*#MAGA*Wakey Wakey sleepy head*#III%
Nemesis Comix is founded on the idea that comics should be exciting, action filled, and story driven. Making them with this in mind will ensure they continue for generations to come.
Break The Cycle w/Joshua Smith
Break The cycle is a web show hosted by Joshua Smith
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Making animations and tutorials with video game assets cause why the hell not.
@AlienOvan - Magic Window Studios
MWS is a Comicbook and Content Creation group that aims to provide entertaining fiction and new IPs. Brand by @AlienOvan. Main website: || Minds:
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Sporking News Podcast
Defending Geekdom from agenda filled SJW.
Mandy Summers
Comics, Videos, Photos, Secret Stuff, and More!
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Reg From Alaska
I am the only Alaska Native Stand Up Comedian/ Paranormal Investigator in the world. Which means I tell Jokes to Ghosts!
Solo Video Game developer creating amazing full and mini game concepts including CCG's. Support my channel and video game development by a developer that chooses PLAYERS over payers.
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Hi there! I'm DigBipper188, a derpy VR Twitch streamer, Jeloseum salesman, slight edgyboi and random dispensor of YTPs on YouTube.
Hi I'm Tim; otherwise known as the Film Adventurer Timdiana. I'm independent movie journalist and I express my passion about film through the likes of reviews and videos.
We are TheAlphaGeeks - a small group of creators developing the first digital media and entertainment company specially designed for the digital age. (But really we just had too many memes laying around and seriously needed an outlet.)
Science Wizard Comics
Science Wizard Comics is fantastic new comic book company creating fun creator owned titles and an exciting connected indie comics multiverse.

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