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US Army disabled veteran, multimedia producer, and inventor.
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Assistant Producer

Assistant Producers get early access to all content, are listed at the end of every video, get access to the Discord server, can view the AMA's, and more.

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In addition to all lower tier benefits, Producers get access to my exclusive written content--such as notes, essays, reviews, recipes, tutorials, fiction, poetry--and my unlisted music playlists.

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Co-executive Producer

In addition to all lower tier benefits, Co-executive Producers can vote on content ideas and submit AMA questions.

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Executive Producer

In addition to all lower tier benefits, Executive Producers can submit ideas for content and vote on it. Ideas submitted by Executive Producers carry more weight than others. If your idea is voted up and approved by me, then you get a shoutout in the content. Your AMA questions also receive top priority.

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  • Subscribers get access to sub-only early premieres, AMA's, and more. You're also listed as a Producer at the end of every vid, and you get other exclusive content--such as access to my sub-only Discord server, my WoW ElvUI profile, etc..

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