Luck is Me
Animator on Youtube. Help me to never have to put ads or sponsorships in my videos!
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I'm an artist, writer and game developer just wanting to make stuff.
I draw comics, make 3d visuals and illustrations. My personal website I wish to bring my comic into reality and become a better story teller.
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Phil The Unspoken Hero
I'm an amateur content creator with a dream to make it big in the world and inspire people. What I specialize in is Writing, Voice Acting (learning), graphic design(learning), and video/audio editing/production (learning). I wish to inspire everyone
ZeroRaptor Studios
Welcome to my SubscribeStar page! I am ZeroRaptor, an aspiring artist and video gamer. Feel free to donate whatever amount you feel like. Thank you for your humble contributions!
A 3D Character modeler making animations with the models that I make.
Michael Coutto
Producing animated shortfilms
JMAS aniamtion studio
I had the idea of making an animated film for my kids. I entered the enchanted world of computer graphics. So far I have made about thirty short, 3 - 4 minute animations.
Fernando Bresciano
I am translating deep ideas into illustrations, animations and interactive diagrams.
Illustrator, animator, cartoonist. Based in Serbia.
Red Sofa Animation
We create animation, webcomics, and comicbooks
Local rat man makes Godforsaken animated shitposts.
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This is mainly for the channel, but if you want to ask for a commission, that's fine too, maximum is 3 commissions at a time, they'll take a bit too.
Mick Angel
I make Comics, Cartoons, and Illustration, streamed live on Twitch!
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Tomoe Todosan
I'm a beginner animator I have big dreams of owning my own Animation Studio and creating animated shows. Please support my side endeavors so I can create The content that I really want to produce... (plus helping with college would be nice too.....)
The White Rocker
2D animation, Digital Art, and Hard Rock music
Digital Illustration, Comics, Animations, and other dumb ideas
Aesthetika 7 Project
The Aesthetika 7 Project is a multimedia series in development
Agent Juice Cartoons
I create cartoons and content about cartoons. If cartoons are your jam, then come along with me!
Art & Animations
Wiki World Order
( Independent research and multimedia to collaboratively outgrow the corporate-industrial complex. You can support my software at
Animator, Artist, Musician, Writer.

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