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Exclusive Content for Ricky's Ratskateers, Ricky is known for his animated show and comic, find him on youtube at Ricky Rat Comcis
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Mammie's Moonshine
  • Exclusive Cartoons
  • Exclusive “Alcohol-Driven Rant” videos
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Drinking Buddies
  • Digital Copies of Parody Books
  • Input on Episode Topics
  • Behind-the-scenes videos and previews of what’s coming
  • Ricky will do a drunk jig for your birthday
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Ricky’s M3th House
  • Get the Exclusive “Ricky’s M3th House” Shirt
  • Personalized cartoon character, You are officially Canonized in the Ricky-verse and also the Eastern Metheadist Church.
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Thx 4 the New Liver
  • Cameos of your personalized character at least once per month in-season
  • Exclusive Ricky’s “Thx 4 the New Liver” Hoody
  • You have earned Ricky’s respect
  • You are now my best friend. Not really, but…
  • It’s not because of you, it’s because I have emotional turmoil, and I can’t make friends
  • It’s just that I’m a rat-human hybrid, and no one really understands me
  • Thanks for supporting my alcohol addiction, though
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