I am a single dad who creates art films, video art, and music here in Ottawa, Canada, and am working towards making these activities my full-time vocation and primary household revenue stream.
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Jim Bows & The Flycatchers
create original acoustic bluegrass, roots and folk music, videos and live performance
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Axe of Creation
Rock. Composition. Guitar
28 subscribers
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Dubstep Artist (DJ)/Video Editor & Producer/Drummer • • • • •
Juno's Circus
The official band page for Juno's Circus.
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Aspiring singer trying to hone skills and begin a solo career.
I'm that guy who keeps saying he makes Ambient music, but then goes on to make Techno and stuff
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DJ Skandalous
Multi-Talented DJ and Video Editor with over 615K Subscribers and 300 Million Views on YouTube.
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I am an independent alternative r&b artist who, together with my artists best friends, began making music in the way we like, feel and vibe to it <3
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EFlex Music
Freelance Music Composer and Producer. I make music about my favorite games and make soundtracks for media. I'm mainly on YouTube and post my work there and on most major music platforms!
Natalie Cappelletti - Music Page
I am the original Rocker chic playing originals, classics to today's music!! It's time for an Orlando Female Rocker to rock the stage! Playing anything from Bon Jovi, Lita Ford, Skid Row to Sheryl Crow, Halestorm and more.
Music ProducerContent CreatorArtist
Nenad Teofilović
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Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Direction, Artist Mindset Mentor. Helping creative people to thrive in their industry :)
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The music of Split Pea
You have permission to use Split Pea music for personal and/or commercial use under the following terms:   Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests that Split Pea endorses you or your use.   Music: Split Pea   Bandcamp: Licence:
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Olio Rogue
Actually supporting feminism within the manosphere as it provides freedom for most modern men. Evolving to appreciate women, respect everyone in general and be grateful for our own lives.
𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂 𝑼𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒌𝒐𝒗𝒂 | 𝑷𝑰𝑨𝑵𝑶
Hello! My name is Anna Ushakova, I am a professional pianist! I'm working toward the independent release of my first album and looking for funding to put into the music videos, marketing, and the new grand piano!
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Robbie Link
Musician, educator, composer/arranger, luthier. Double bass, viola da gamba, violone, cello, electric bass. Managed by cats.
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Welcome to our channel, with your hosts Athanatos and Kynnigos. Straight talk about various world and entertainment issues.
Distraction is a music promotion channel.
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Vector Futon
VECTOR FUTON is an electronic musician / audio-visual artist / 'creative type' who has been producing sounds and images in a variety of styles and mediums for over a decade now. In addition to self-releasing various EP's, albums, and remixes, VF has also scored for theater, participated in noise jams and experimental audio performances, DJ'd, VJ'd, designed digital performance rigs and software, and begun to develop a composition standard for generative music-making within Ableton Live.
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Musician & Content Creator
Eric Holler Demos
I play the guitar and record myself. If you like what I'm doing and you want me to keep doing it, you can support me here. I greatly appreciate it.
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Metal Dinosaur
Scottish Musician and Multi-media Author
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In association with G Media Publishing, offering administrative services such as song registration with industry performance, mechanical and digital royalty organizations. Subscribe now for more detailed information.
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Bleach world
Music and visual art
An ambitious communicational experiment, right between Chaos & Order™
Hot Sauce Reviews
We have been around since 1999, reviewing pop culture stuff without much care to PC culture, propriety, and commercial interests.
Tom Rose
I am a retired veteran and freelance writer, songwriter and musician living in Riverside, California.

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