Cornelis Jordaan
I compose music inspired by myth and legend.
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I am an independent music artist, making classic inspired pop music with a message. Join my subscribe star for behind the scenes videos, lyric videos, how to's, giveaways, and other exclusive content!
I make music and live in digital fractals
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DJ Remixes Dance Music Hip-hop Funk Soul
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Deep Link Radio NYC
House Music radio station for DJ Mixes and sets, Soulful, Jazzy, Deep
Vector Futon
ѴҾﺥϯᶛ⌐Ϝٮᵀ۞ᴎ is an electronic musician and audio-visual artist who has been producing sights and sounds in a variety of styles and mediums since 2007. In addition to releasing various albums, remixes, and DJ sets, he has also scored for theater, participated in noise jams and experimental audio festivals, VJ'd, and designed digital performance rigs and software templates for Ableton Live and Resolume Avenue.
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Juno's Circus
The official band page for Juno's Circus.
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JAGUAL music intent is to generate expanded states of consciousness, positive emotions, and connections with earth and cosmic energies. For this JAGUAL use natural frequencies (432 Hz) and natural scales (Pythagorean). COSMIX ceremony (Dj set + meditation) takes place every month for the new moon.
Neko Boy
DJ creating remixes, original tracks, and sexy animations~
Sean Coakley
2D animation, Digital Art, and Hard Rock music
Experimental noise music samples
Music of the Gods of Old
Epic, unearthly, mystical orchestral music inspired by higher dimensions – evoking visions of mythological ancient civilizations, the golden age when Gods and heroes lived, when honor mattered and spirituality guided us.
Phytophiliac's Plant Based Music
Independent music for music lovers.
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just uploading some music, I do appreciate any tips
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Homespun Effects
I walk you through the process of creating your own guitar effect pedals.
Jason O'Dea
I live and breath music. If you enjoy my work as an artist, whether that be my performances, recordings, songwriting or teaching, this page is for anyone who wants to support my passion for spreading the language of sound.
Stil Runnin
Revamped Classic Rock, Unforgettable Live Shows
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The Future Of Music! Beats, mixing, etc... Notable projects include "TheOdd1sOut - Life Is Fun", "Dan Bull - Minecraft Skeleton Rap", the "AskGaryVee" theme music, etc....
DeKill, audiovisual arts, including (but not limited to) music and video production.
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We're making original hard rock / metal music. Your support equals better songwriting and top-notch production quality. And hey, at the end of the day, a brighter future for rock 'n' roll.
Welcome to our channel, with your hosts Athanatos and Kynnigos. Straight talk about various world and entertainment issues.
The Osseophile
Illustrator, filmmaker, and musician.
Ralph de Jongh as if in a trance, reveals the very depths of his soul in his concerts and recordings. In a style in which only Ralph de Jongh can perform, in a phenomenal atmosphere of sound, we dream back to the times of pre-war blues and the sixties
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The International Lovers
The International Lovers. We are a U.K band with a unique sound. We take influences from Bossa nova to 60's garage rock.
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Last Day is two brothers from the USA who love God and create music for His Glory and your enjoyment.
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Hello. I am EmperorPeeter. I am Estonian person with varierity skills and activities. I do content on VRChat, been musician and artist over 20 years, also modding a lot of games and like to play and find a good methods to play the games.
Level Up Your Guitar
Hi! I'm AJ Hanson from I am here to teach you guitar lessons!

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