Romanian Reaver
Gaming Youtube with no real filter overall that does gaming critique videos every month or so and is all around a royal asshole with a heart of gold.
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I would like to thank you for supporting all the hard work I put into creating videos for you on YouTube
Mass Effect nerd with a penchant for finding hilarious bugs. Please support my channel so I can keep making cool content. Thanks so much!
Welcome to HiDdeN SQuiDZ! I am a independent content creator of guides, lets plays, and analytical videos.
Couch BroTato Gaming
We are a group of spuds who get together for your gaming enjoyment! If you're here, we greatly appreciate your support, and will do our best to listen to feedback and improve the overall quality of our content! We hope you enjoy!
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CrackedPoet Gaming
I honestly just want to show gaming videos on my page. i play a lot of mobile games and when I get a gaming laptop I will then go forward with PC gaming more. I can play some PC games but not everything.
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Livestreamer up for gaming challenges, chilling and giving virtual cookies. Videos, music covers and drawings are also a thing I can do.
I make challenge runs and perfectionist runs of games on Youtube.
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Dragon ByCampfire
Gaming channels. Starting out with just basic non-commentary gameplay. Learning to edit and put together content. Starting with basic equipment. Looking to use funds to create better content. Welcome to Dragon byCampfire.
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Professional shitposter.
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I actually only wear one pair of glasses, Usually.
Kaldaran Empire
The Kaldaran Empire is a gaming community/clan offering tournaments, organized events, carry services, in-game help, steam and social media promotion and more.
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Gaming Channel with a focus on Metroidvania and action-platformer games. My content includes not only gameplays, but actually useful high-quality video guides and walkthroughs.
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I watch replays of Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Matches and look for signs of Aim Assistance. The software based Anti-Cheat systems in place will NOT prevent Private cheats that are humanized, & designed for LAN environments
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I'm Findominator just a friendly guy with a YouTube channel, stay happy!
I'm a small youtuber just starting out, I make gaming videos and tutorials for fun
I make videos with and sometimes without commentary, of various games.
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Mona Monroe
Mona Monroe aka Maniac Mona | Planet Maniac creator/co-founder | Queen of the Maniacs | Born with an Atari 2600 controller in hand | Retro gaming aficionado | Cat whisperer | Slenderman's fat cousin
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A gamer who loves to have fun with my hobby, posting gaming videos and maybe the odd tech video too. I try to play the latest games but will also indulge my personal favourites. Also: BLINK, ARMY and ONCE. If you know, you know :)
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Half Kid Half Dad
A Kid and his Dad playing some fun games and sharing some laughs!
The official subscribe star for Critically Saved.
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A site for news on popular PC and console games, leaks and more.
Fan of Online Radio. I'm a Twitch Streamer at where I play mostly Mine Craft
Tech lover. Game player. Full time dad. Bringing all the fun and frivolity I can muster! Like. Follow. Subscribe
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Mr. Gentleman
My name is Mr. Gentleman and I create YouTube videos dealing with RPGs, among other things
Expert Game Reviews
Expert Game Reviews is a place where you can read honest reviews about indie games and major gaming news. In addition we write content about the games we've been playing since the olden days.
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US Army disabled veteran, multimedia producer, and inventor.
Razaels Revenge Gaming
Independent video game industry content creator/blogger. Looking to build a community of gaming content creators and a HUB for people to find their next gaming content creator. Visit the website for more:
Just trying to find a way to make it in this crazy, mysterious world of ours.
Borosa Media Group
Creating Comics, Podcasts, and Gaming Experinces
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