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I make gaming content - Skyrim Builds, Fallout 4 builds. Also some guides, LPs and mod reviews. I care about editing and atmosphere, so it can sometimes get time-consuming.
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For 5$ you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I will be able to buy myself a good coffee and drink it while I work, which will inevitably have a beneficial effect on the quality of YT and Rumble content. I can't promise much more for this contribution atm.

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For 10 bucks a month you get access to Subscribe star-exclusive content, where I disclose my builds ahead of time and show you some "making off" material. My coffee also gets an increase in potency, which makes all the content better.

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For 20$ per month, in addition to the Follower benefits, we will meet on discord every two weeks to discuss plans and choose future content. Your advise will be heard and impemented, unless it's completely silly.

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  • High tier subscribers will get access to exclusive content and have a saying in the creative decisions behind it.

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