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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.
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BitChute is creating a next generation video platform and related software.
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Social and political commentary. Libertarian philosophy, firmly on the side of western civilisation - and making the marxists cry.
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This is the official supporting page of YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad.
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Haryan Glaeddyv
Liberalist and creator of content, give as little as you can since that's all I'm worth.
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The one, the only, Styxhexenhammer666
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I Make YouTube videos.
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Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, and Live Video | Former - VICE, Fusion |
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Thoughts By J Brown
I mostly talk about politics and social issues, and on occasion I will stream playing video games. I am a left of center libertarian on the political compass.
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academic agent
I am the Academic Agent, a youtuber who talks about politics, economics, philosophy and socio-cultural issues. This is my Subscribestar account, delete Patreon because they are evil. I am grateful to all the people who have taken the time to watch and comment on my videos.
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Radical Liberation
Producers of fine economic and political video commentary.
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My videos explore topics in detail and at length. Academia, culture, identity, individualism. Plus, lots of interviews with interesting people all over the map—in terms of expertise, experience, and point of view.
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G'day! It's me, Greg. I'm guessing you're here because of my extremely fun video channels that you all seem to enjoy on YouTube.
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Just a potato on the internet who is creating content for BitChute, Minds, and any platform that actually appreciates the creators.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I have started an account here, just in case. We live in troubling times and I would like to continue to be able to create videos for everyone. I thank you for the support. - Devon
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A writer of fantasy and science-fiction. I write both novels and web serials.
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A News Junkie Who Likes Covering The News
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Hey! I'm Rags, and I make Youtube videos! My content centers around media, social commentary, and video game chats. Any support you can give is appreciated, it all goes to keeping me fed and housed and general life stuff! If you aren't familiar with my channel, feel free to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/c/Rags
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Still working on this.
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Paul Elam
Men's Advocate. Red Pill Pharmacist. Iconoclast.
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340 posts
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