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I'm a masculine presenting transgender lesbian who produces safe, diverse, and entertaining content which opposes the hateful and bigoted ideology of TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists).
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I make animations. The best known are George Ought to Help, Edgar the Exploiter, and You Can Always Leave. I'm interested in radically freed markets and a maximally consensual society.
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The Every Day Novelist
Running 3 to 30 minute episode nearly every day, this podcast discusses writing craft, discipline, publishing, business, and much more, all geared toward helping you achieve a professional pace (4 to 12 novels per year) in your writing.
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Ben Garrison Cartoons
We Are Under Attack by the Media and Big Brother Tech! Stand with us against censorship- Join GrrrGraphics on SubscribeStar for the most viral cartoons on the web! We thank you for your support!
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Blacksmith's Forge
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A man going his own way
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I'm a YouTuber with 2 channels, one where I talk about social issues and being disabled. The other which I'm putting most of my focus on right now, is a horror series where I go over folklore, creepy history, True Crime and disasters called Under The Veil
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Jefferson Maizi
Tech nerd
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Aescape VR
Support the Aescape developers. We will exchange your money for coffee and turn that coffee into amazing code via the magical powers of digital necromancy! Find out more on our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/EV79vcS
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Brandon Warr
Incorporating a Vintage style and sound, the Music of Brandon Warr will take you from the heights of the classic Rockabilly rhythms to the depth of the Blues, all with a straight-forward simplicity and razor-sharp focus.
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It's me, Mark.
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creating short films on society & culture
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Crowdsource the Truth is viewer supported open source investigative journalism
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It’s Okay To Be Clown Pilled
Hi internet Frens. I provide content that makes fun of wacko leftists, watching planes in the sky, memes, relaxing animal videos and breaking news stories in SW WA/Portland OR.
30 days
 Trust Period
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Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Patreon blows.
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Youtuber with sweet comedic timing
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Russian Collusion Theme
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Scottish Fiddler
4 posts
Comic artist and animator making my way through life and my own projects.
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Dan Goorevitch, artist
Born in 1951, I've been painting and drawing for 50 years.
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