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Red Pill Religion
A forum for young men to explore history, science, philosophy, and human spirituality from a red pill perspective. Critics of Feminism, Secular Social Justice, and Ideological Atheism.
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Primal Culture
Movement specialist and coach. I am a fervent advocate for natural movement and traditional nutrition.
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Fire Dragon Studios
We make games! They aren't always the most profitable, or the best games around but they definitely are unique.
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Exiting The Cave
Philosophy Essays, and Occasional Podcast Recordings
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I make the best new car videos in the world!
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Doing Storage Education for Data Centers. Oh, and other stuff.
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I am DarkMatter2525 from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkMatter2525
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Rhetorical Entertainment
My name is Arthur. Right now I stream games and casual content on Twitch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also do a weekly podcast on Saturdays on YouTube and Stream.me about current affairs.
3 posts
The Lighthouse Project
Helping the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted.
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GG Podcasting
Welcome to GG Podcasting; Gordon and Geoff's podcast network! Since August 2015, we have been producing talk radio about some of our favorite subjects. Our shows cover but are not limited to: awful Netflix movies, Trump filled DnD, and stock yolo-ing (coming soon!). Find all our shows at our website: https://www.ggpodcasting.com/
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Daniel Bostock
I make YouTube videos
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I complain about the government from my shitty Honda Fit.
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I am a commentator for movies, entertainment, news, pop culture, and anything else I find interesting. I also ran for Governor of California in 2003.
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Reality Check w/ Ben Swann
Together lets continue to build our powerful independent news series Reality Check with Ben Swann.
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These are just my thoughts.
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114 posts
Akira The Don
Artist, DJ, WaveLord. 💦🌊 Creating the soundtrack of your life.
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207 posts
Journalist. Independent. American. Early adopter. Survivor. Story-teller. Musician. Mountain climber. Mother. More than just a pundit face.
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Run N Guns News
i discuss firearm stories.. anything 2A related. Youtube censorship as well as twitter. Major advocate for free speech.
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I do stuff or something.
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