Hello and thanks for stopping by. It seems like ages since I started this profile, and having had my suspicions about other platforms have held back until I could be sure I was on a site that supported Freedom of Speech.

I am a diagnosed post-op transsexual, though please not I do NOT 'identify' as 'transgender' in any way shape of form, and my belief that I am more of a 'broken man', as opposed to a 'real women' has earned me the moniker 'truscum' from the ever expanding LGBTQ+ 'community', and I have now spent three years suffering their ire - and have consequently de-transitioned... but shhh THAT never happens, right?

I am currently sofa surfing - which at my age isn't doing my bones any good at all, and am currently attempting to set up a media company with the object of countering the now almost obscene Hard Left wing bias in UK media.

I will be posting a video shortly in an attempt to explain a little more about myself, and hope that you can find it in your hearts to support me in whatever ways you can.

Thank you.