Hi, my name is Tarquin, (stop laughing at the back); though all my mates just call me 'T'. I am a musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, video producer/director, and occasional writer... somewhere along the line someone prefixed my extremely short nick-name with the word 'infamous', and I have been the infamousT ever since.
I've been at this media game for as long as I can remember, flirted with success and had a long term relationship with failure, but as a wise man once said - they are both impostors anyway - so you've just got to take the rough with the smooth.
I'm getting a little long in the tooth now, but still enjoy doing the odd session and the very odd gig, and still have hopes of producing that mythical hit record one day - after all, it's the only kind of retirement plan I've got!
I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, worked with some amazing artists and done even more - and for the best part I've had a whale of a time - and it's not over yet! You can find oodles of my audio/visual back catalogue in the links.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a listen and a look at my work - most of which has been produced on barely more than a very frayed shoestring; though I like to think it stands up - for what it is. The artists involved were always pleased with the outcome.

In light of all the sheer mentalism that's been on display over the last couple of years, I feel compelled even at this late stage to dip my toe into the world of streaming and on-line commentary. I'd be honoured if you'd deign to join me.
I don't consider myself outstanding in any particular field - but I'm a bit of a rarity in that I have covered so many bases to a reasonable standard - life as a polymath is hard at the best of times - but hell, that's just me, and I am happy with who I am.
You should be too.
As a very dear friend of mine once noted: We are all just Humans: Being.