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GG Podcasting
Welcome to GG Podcasting; Gordon and Geoff's podcast network! Since August 2015, we have been producing talk radio about some of our favorite subjects. Our shows cover but are not limited to: awful Netflix movies, Trump filled DnD, and stock yolo-ing (coming soon!). Find all our shows at our website: https://www.ggpodcasting.com/
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You just want to support us, and there's no way we'll complain about that! Except when we do, giving you a shoutout on our next episode. We'll also add your name to the subscriber page on our site.

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Supporters at this level can choose either:

  1. A movie that we watch for Random Reviews and Other Ramblings. It can be any movie available for streaming on Netflix. Hit us with your best shot!


  1. A week's theme on the morning dump. While we don't actively keep the show going, we'll bring it out of retirement just for you! Pick a theme and we'll record a week's worth of content to keep you company during your morning routine
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We need to pay to keep our website running. If we had the money for it, we'd invest in making it better and easier to use/navigate!
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If we make this much a month, then we'll feel obligated to keep at least 2 of our shows going concurrently, regardless of the negative impact on our lives and free time!
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If we reach this tier we can focus on turning our simple setup into a real studio environment. Funds will go into mic's, editing software and quality, and our physical surroundings to make our shows softer on the ears.


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