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Author and creator of "The Deathworlders," a science fiction web serial in which the human race are visited by aliens only to discover that, far from being the underdogs surrounded by alien horrors, we may turn out to be the alien horrors ourselves...
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The Deathworlders chapter 51: "Anticlimax"

At long last, the Hierarchy have penetrated the Sol Containment Field. But Earth has more than one line of defence, and there is no point in striking at Humanity's homeworld unless the colonies can be infiltrated also.

As Six moves his pieces slowly into place, the allies come to each others' aid, the mission to Messier 24 resumes, and President Sartori wrestles with a gift.

As for Zane Reid... surely nobody could survive in an Alaskan blizzard?

Read the latest chapter of "The Deathworlders" for free at where you can also download an epub version at the click of a button!

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If you were not already aware, it seems that Paypal are now refusing to do business with Subscribestar and are therefore not available as either a payment or payout option on this website.

We are in limbo while waiting for new payment processes to be available, but I will continue to post chapter updates regardless. Let me take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support through these frustrating times.

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Dizi Rat

A tiny, explosively fragile purple ball of derp.

Thank you! This tier grants access to patrons-only blog posts here on Patreon, and I will collectively thank all Dizi Rats in every chapter.

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Squishy Xeno

Fragile, but sapient

Welcome to the the Interspecies Dominion! As an associate member, you are invited to join the text channels on the Deathworlders Discord server.

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Friendly ET

Still squishy, but good for a conversation at least.

In addition to Discord voice access, pledges at this level or higher will be thanked in the Reddit thread whenever a new chapter is posted.

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Now we're talking!

Pledges at this level or above will be thanked by name in each update on the Archive page, and in any future physical book copy of the Deathworlders. You have some additional privileges on Discord.

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Fuck yeah!

In addition to being thanked as for a $20 pledge, at this level I will (with permission) find a way to insert your name or another name of your choosing into the story.

You have access to "The Cabal" which is a behind-the-scenes voice channel on Discord.

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Go on an incredible journey

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