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Drunken Peasants began on January 3rd, 2014 and is currently hosted by Ben and Billy the Fridge. Becoming a subscriber of the Drunken Peasants means helping to support the cost of our show so that we can afford to pour even more time and energy into it.
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Drunken Peasants


Hey guys! Your support is crucial to the existence of DP and with that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, and ask you for suggestions on what type of content you want from of us. It's very important that we keep you satisfied as Subscribers so that you will continue to want to stick around.

We're currently looking at bringing back 2 private shows per month. One focused on one specific topic, and the other being a very long version of our normal format. The length of these shows would depend on the patreon donation amount. Feedback on these ideas would be appreciated.

We're also considering more behind the scenes stuff, but we'd like feedback on what sorts of things you'd like to see us doing.

Finally, anything in general you want to suggest is welcome. Don't be shy. The worst that will happen is that we won't use your idea.

We'd like even those of you who just lurk here to give us your feedback as well. It's very important.


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Drunken Peasants

Subscription Tiers

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You will get a special role in the Discord, giving you access to a private text and voice channel for financial supporters only.

You also gain access to the #live chat, which is shown on screen during episodes of the podcast. In addition, you gain access to the #question channel, where you can ask the peasants what's on your mind.

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Access to an extended, private, crazier, financial backer-only show. Please be aware we only do one Private Show per month. We will send you the link via messaging around 24 hours before the show.

Plus the lower tier perk.

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This perk level grants you access to an exclusive DP movie or video game commentary every month! We will watch a terrible movie or show and commentate on it just for you!

We’ll also make available a special vlog for you where Ben and Billy go outside for an altered perspective on the hosts.

You'll even get access to our always chilled out post-show following each episode of the Drunken Peasants, where you can even potentially chill with the guys for a a while in the Discord and talk about the show.

Plus all lower tier perks.

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You will be given thanks by having your username listed in the end credits of regular episodes of DP.

Plus all lower tier perks.

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This perk level grants you an exclusive DP Discord hangout in a private voice room with the Peasants and usually a special guest. The guys will chill with you and talk shit that you will ONLY hear privately.

In addition, once a month we'll do a similar type of hangout with eligible users, but this one will be live on the show where you the fans will actually get to interact with our on panel guests for that episode.

(This perk level requires a Discord account. If your account has been banned from the DP Discord server, you CAN NOT collect this perk.)

Plus all lower tier perks.

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This perk level grants you a shout out from the peasants to whatever it is you want to shill! PROMOTE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, PRODUCT, OR SERVICE FOR AN INSANELY LOW PRICE! It will also be linked in the description of the respective episode for viewers to easily check out on their own.

In addition, you may submit one clip up to 5 minutes long of your own content to be promoted at the end of a regular episode. The clip must be reviewed and approved first and not contain copyrighted content of any kind.

You also get your name in the pre-intro of each episode where you are credited as a producer of the podcast.

Plus all lower tier perks.

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This perk level grants you the ability to join the Drunken Peasants for a segment of your choice. Wanna talk about the news or crazy people with DP? Wanna play some Troll or Not a Troll or Crapshoot? Here’s your chance.

(We reserve the right to deny anyone from appearing on the show, and to end their segment at any time.)



  • A special role in our Discord server for only our financial backers.
  • A voice and text room in our Discord for only our financial backers.
  • Hours of additional content and more perks based on your tier level!