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We got some upgrades over the xmas and it has helped up alot! Stay tuned for new content on my youtube channel and soon to be Bitchute!

Subscription Tiers

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On looker

Discord link to keep up today with the shop, my streams, and video content.

A thank you letter written or digital at your discretion.

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Water Bearer

Second tier subscriber with the same rewards as the previous tier. +Mjolnir Pendant (Inscribed or not is up to you)

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Third tier with all previous rewards, and request (within reason) one item to be made on a stream, I'll share what knowledge I know of the craft.

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Shop buddy

Fourth tier all previous rewards, and Request one Knife to be made for you to the best of my ability and as you'd like it.

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Final tier all previous rewards, and you can come to the shop to get a couple pointers from me. (At my availability, and you own.)

Coming to the shop will be a weekend event so a couple days every few months.



  • Stalvind's Forge makes knives and other objects
  • Future projects will include arms and armour and tutorials
  • Help fund Stalvind's Forge and grow with it as it gets going

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to reach
the goal
This goal is towards acquiring more tools to help with shaping and rounding.
to reach
the goal
This goal is dedicated for getting a new 3 burner forge so I can work larger projects like swords or other large objects.
to reach
the goal
This goal is to gain a power hammer making the turn around times faster as well as keeping the shop up to speed.


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