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Still working on this.
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Paul Elam
Men's Advocate. Red Pill Pharmacist. Iconoclast.
60 subscribers
139 posts
Freelance "furry" artist and worldbuilder. Camped until payments get sorted out.
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Uncle Hotep. Video Blogger, Truth Teller, Hotep Whisperer
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I'm a maker with a few 3d printers a metal melting furnace and a camera. I like to do tutorials, Built logs, repair guides, product reviews, and melting metal to create things. All put together with entertaining humorous editing.
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Drew West Press
I'm Andrew Westmoreland, journalist and fellow traveler on this weird place called Earth. I'm your centrist voice of reason in a time of hyper-partisan lunacy.
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Brian of London
Indigenous Jewish Rights Activist & resettler living in Tel Aviv. Exec Producer, No Agenda Show. Pronouns: Dr/Sir/Native
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I'm this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/logicked
17 subscribers
42 posts
The Distributist
YouTuber and blogger dedicated to understanding the problems of the modern world and exploring solutions through the lens of Catholicism and classical thought.
53 subscribers
11 posts
I make videos on the internet. They're not good.
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Currently re-working tier levels, please check back....Thank You! I'm Robert T Leija, creator of digital & traditional inked illustrations of mystical runes, strange abstracts, creatures & crafts in fantastical dimensions.
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The Maintenance Corner
Educational content: Blogs, tech reviews, drone videos. Building surveying, property maintenance, Scottish castles and more! Help support my site, TheMaintenanceCorner.com continue and grow.
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Ian Miles Cheong
Independent Journalist and Media Critic | I create social commentary, memes, and criticism of the video game industry and the culture surrounding it. | Hype Break | Exclusively Games
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PhilosoFeed is a Facebook and Youtube channel designed to provide social commentary through a more philosophical lens than you might be used to.
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The Rendezvous
The Rendezvous is a website aimed at making information about any aspect of the outdoors available in one place.
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TRIGGERnometry is a free speech YouTube show and podcast. We believe in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.
48 subscribers
21 posts
Secondhand Adventure
Hiking, hammocking, vlogging, sharing my home town Eugene Oregon and more.
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I'm a twat.
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212 posts
Hi!I'm just a Romanian with a youtube channel talking about things that I find interesting and try to give them a comedic twist.
321 subscribers
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Help support better content, and help this movement grow
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