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Matt Christiansen is a YouTuber and podcaster talking politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress.
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I Make YouTube videos.
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I make educational cartoons and satire!
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I am the Academic Agent, a youtuber who talks about politics, economics, philosophy and socio-cultural issues. This is my Subscribestar account, delete Patreon because they are evil. I am grateful to all the people who have taken the time to watch and comment on my videos.
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I provide News Commentary and Analysis along with a few satire videos. Sometimes I'm funny.
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My videos explore topics in detail and at length. Academia, culture, identity, individualism. Plus, lots of interviews with interesting people all over the map—in terms of expertise, experience, and point of view.
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A writer of fantasy and science-fiction.
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Still working on this.
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Men's Advocate. Red Pill Pharmacist. Iconoclast.
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Help support Independent Man make media great again.
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Freelance "furry" artist and worldbuilder. Camped until payments get sorted out.
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Uncle Hotep. Video Blogger, Truth Teller, Hotep Whisperer
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I'm a maker with a few 3d printers a metal melting furnace and a camera. I like to do tutorials, Built logs, repair guides, product reviews, and melting metal to create things. All put together with entertaining humorous editing.
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I'm Andrew Westmoreland, journalist and fellow traveler on this weird place called Earth. I'm your centrist voice of reason in a time of hyper-partisan lunacy.
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Indigenous Jewish Rights Activist & resettler living in Tel Aviv. Exec Producer, No Agenda Show. Pronouns: Dr/Sir/Native
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I'm a clinical psychologist, a psychology professor at UToronto, the author of Maps of Meaning and 12 Rules for Life. I'm on YouTube (Jordan Peterson Videos) and www.jordanbpeterson.com for my podcast and blog.
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YouTuber and blogger dedicated to understanding the problems of the modern world and exploring solutions through the lens of Catholicism and classical thought.
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I make videos on the internet. They're not good.
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This is the official crowdfunding page of YouTube channel @SmallChangesTV
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