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Palle Schultz is a photographer, videographer and musician from Copenhagen Denmark. He makes frequent youtube videos, with tips and tricks for photography and videos with music or art.
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𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂 π‘Όπ’”π’‰π’‚π’Œπ’π’—π’‚ | 𝑷𝑰𝑨𝑡𝑢
Hello! My name is Anna Ushakova, I am a professional pianist! I'm working toward the independent release of my first album and looking for funding to put into the music videos, marketing, and the new grand piano!
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Dr Sam Bailey is a medical doctor from New Zealand. She makes Health Videos about men's problems, skin, hair and sexual health.
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Pastor Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries
Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is one of the most-watched Christian ministers online, with 45 million views on YouTube alone, creating clean Christian content and mentoring disciples via books, videos and personal engagement. Welcome to Discover Church Online!
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Independent Content Monetization Platform
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MEGA PokΓ©mon SWSH EX (2020)
UNLOCK AND ACCESS PokΓ©mon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Gen 8 Leaks and Gen 9 Releases for 2020!
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Locked Room Sessions
We are a grassroots intermedia art network born in 2017 that aims to bridge the gaps between artists and their audiences. To create magical moments with art, have unforgettable experiences as human beings and make the world a better place!
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Hellraiser Barbie
If you're a fan of my photos, please Subscribe or Donate so that I can continue creating more. β™₯οΈπŸ’‹πŸ€˜
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MINIBEAST  Training  and Apparel
Personal Trainer focused on Assthetics. Which symbolizes achieving my dream physique of having a small waist, big legs and glutes, being strong, and having the mindset that allows me to effortlessly go after those things that I want.
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I'm a 3d modeller and game developer using Sketchup and Unity, i do this as a hobby and would love to do it full time, i love making models for games and i recieve no funding
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Dragons Advent
Hello, I am the Dragons Advent. I stream 3D models, designs and stream games.
BitChute is creating a next generation video platform and related software.
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This is the official supporting page of YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad.
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Haryan Glaeddyv
Liberalist and creator of content, give as little as you can since that's all I'm worth.
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The one, the only, Styxhexenhammer666
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I Make YouTube videos.
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Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, and Live Video | Former - VICE, Fusion |
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Thoughts By J Brown
I mostly talk about politics and social issues, and on occasion I will stream playing video games. I am a left of center libertarian on the political compass.
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academic agent
I am the Academic Agent, a youtuber who talks about politics, economics, philosophy and socio-cultural issues. This is my Subscribestar account, delete Patreon because they are evil. I am grateful to all the people who have taken the time to watch and comment on my videos.
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