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I'm Andrew Westmoreland, journalist and fellow traveler on this weird place called Earth. I'm your centrist voice of reason in a time of hyper-partisan lunacy.
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Drew West Press

So much madness... So much.

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You REALLY like what I do and are rolling in extra cash. Contact me for a special collaboration.

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You love me so much that you want to fund my work for an entire week. Previous tiers plus special private access to hang with me for an hour each week. Chat, gaming, watch a movie together. You tell me!

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You love me so much that you want to fully fund my work for half a month. All the previous tiers and if you have an idea for a special reward, let me know.

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You're rich and you love me so much and probably can marry me for this much a month. Just saying.



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At $500 a month my work is about half funded and I can provide a ton of content a week.
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I would be fully funded and able to work on my content full time. Loads of videos and field work!
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this would fully find me and would allow me to travel once a month to cover a big domestic story.
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This goal will help offset the time it takes me to create content each month.
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At $1000 a month I can provide content every single day, multiple videos a day. I would be mostly fully funded.

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