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I Make YouTube videos.
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Your support is appreciated.

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Discord Server

Access to my discord server. I'm new to discord so I'm still learning. :P

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Short Answer

I will answer any questions you have for me in text format.

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1 Year Digital Download

For fifteen dollars I'll send you 1 years worth of Sandman videos/mps from either my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year of content. All I need is an email and I'll send you a wetransfer link and you can directly download the content. Send me your email with which year you want and I'll send you a link. I can also send USB keys with videos to your address for an additional fee. Please ask for more details.

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Advertising Sponsor

For this amount I will create a short 20-40 second commercial for your product or service and then you'll be the official sponsor for one video on my channel. Additional videos are an each $20.00. Perfect for authors and Amazon sellers.

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Video Request

I'll make a personalised video request for you. I'll read your comment in the beginning of the video and respond to your questions in my standard format.

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Coaching Call

I'll talk to you for 90 minutes via Skype and give you life coaching and talk about whatever else.

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  • I'm a man discussing gender politics and relationships between men and women in todays society.

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