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YouTuber and blogger dedicated to understanding the problems of the modern world and exploring solutions through the lens of Catholicism and classical thought.
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Recent posts

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The Distributist
Hello friends, 

I am writing to let everyone know of an upcoming hiatus that is coming in December of 2019. This will not be permanent and I will be making videos up until that time at my usual rate. However, from December 2019, I will not be able to promise videos with any consistency. Please understand that I do not expect people to continue their donations during this time. However if you would like to compensate me for videos already created, this account will be open. I will update this channel with information as to the length of the hiatus as it becomes available. 

Cheers and Blessings, - The Distributist
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The Distributist

Life changes and restructuring

Hello friends, I would like to keep you abreast of changes that are coming down the line for me and my channel. I am starting a new job in the next several months and while I don't anticipate that I will not be able to keep up with the normal release schedule, given this new income, I have decided to put my YouTube funding into a new project called "The Canis Society". The Canis Society is a charity and community-organizing project for traditionalists and reactionaries aimed at organizing those interested in preserving Christendom for positive social change.

I plan to release more updates on this project. However, for the time being, follow us on our Facebook page or our website.

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The Distributist

And we are back!

Hey all, it looks like Subscribe Star is up and running once more! Given the state of events, I am going to work to get everyone their perks. There is still some delay on the merchandise delivery considering that the current manufacturer does not issue gift certificates. Until then expect upcoming posts that contain links to the discord server and contact information. See you all in the comments!

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The Distributist

Activity Delay

I want to say thank you for the support all of you have shown me on this site. For the time being the perks and the activity is going to be on hold until SubscribeStar can get the funding and subscription service under control. I think that we need to have a demonstration that SS can support the type of activity that I originally promised my supporters. I will keep up the production of quality content on my blog and on my YouTube channel. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!


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