Ghouls of Hollywood
Ghouls of Hollywood is an electronic music production project from Hollywood, CA. The creation of producer Shane Cormier, The Ghouls straddle a wide range of many styles including suspenseful Electronic Ambient and Sci-Fi film underscore.
Illustration and comic book art, mostly in the fantasy and horror genres.
God-fearing Industrial Metal
Neko Boy
DJ creating remixes, original tracks, and sexy animations~
Hi! I'm Manu. I'm an abstract artist, musician, music producer, poet and writer. I also invent, design, and build unique woodworking art. Please help support my creations. And, thank you for being a part of my creative journey. Peace and love to all!
Level Up Your Guitar
Hi! I'm AJ Hanson from I am here to teach you guitar lessons!
Hello there, I've insofar been making varied Youtube videos as a hobby on and off, and am on a slight hiatus. Will be creating new content soon!
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I'm a composer, arranger, gamer, writer, amateur philosopher and video essayist. I make VLOGs about psychology and philosophy (especially as it pertains to video games) and I like to analyze fantasy media in depth.
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Shock Troupe
Original music and lyrics - battle hymns for the fight against the Trans humanists and more...
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Achi Oshkhereli
Music Producer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Music Arranger
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Breaking Headlines Channel
Welcome to Breaking Headlines Comedy News. We browse through the headlines, give you the hot takes on politics and culture, all while answering the deeper questions plaguing humanity in the most meaningful way possible.Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Hello, I create music covers of retro videogames. By subscribing to the download tier you get access to download links of my covers in FLAC and MP3 format.
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Silent Sinner in Scarlet
Abbr. SilSinn in 🎮 world, started writing ♪ after hours of playing 1980’s–1990’s 🎮. Found favor with Yamaha YM2608 (used by NEC PC-9801) because of its FM/​PSG/​PCM capabilities. Prefers PMD98 by KAJA. Avatar: Huatay
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Music, videos
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Recording Artist and Music Producer
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Animator, Artist, Musician, Writer.
Willy Muffin
Musician, gamer, archer, programmer, writer, and generally all over the place guy.
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The music of Split Pea
You have permission to use Split Pea music for personal and/or commercial use under the following terms:   Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests that Split Pea endorses you or your use.   Music: Split Pea   Bandcamp: Licence:
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Magic Jones Music
Multi-instrumentalist who writes / records / produces music daily and streams it all live.
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Ralph de Jongh as if in a trance, reveals the very depths of his soul in his concerts and recordings. In a style in which only Ralph de Jongh can perform, in a phenomenal atmosphere of sound, we dream back to the times of pre-war blues and the sixties
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The International Lovers
The International Lovers. We are a U.K band with a unique sound. We take influences from Bossa nova to 60's garage rock.
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Last Day is two brothers from the USA who love God and create music for His Glory and your enjoyment.
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Eddy Juillerat
Presentation of my short films and audiovisual artworks. I'm a self-taught artist, filmmaker, photographer, painter.
Transmission TV
Transmission TV are an independent broadcasting platform set up for promoting independent and local artists in Ireland. The broadcasting network is spearheaded by their Friday Night Live show which features live interviews and performances in Tsunami Studios.
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Natalie Cappelletti - Music Page
I am the original Rocker chic playing originals, classics to today's music!! It's time for an Orlando Female Rocker to rock the stage! Playing anything from Bon Jovi, Lita Ford, Skid Row to Sheryl Crow, Halestorm and more.
Michael Seraph
Uploading piano arrangements of video game OSTs on YouTube:
I make various content ranging from gameplay, music composition, 3D modeling, VRChat Content and others.
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