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Silent Sinner in Scarlet
Silent Sinner in Scarlet
Abbr. SilSinn in 🎮 world, started writing ♪ after hours of playing 1980’s–1990’s 🎮. Found favor with Yamaha YM2608 (used by NEC PC-9801) because of its FM/​PSG/​PCM capabilities. Prefers PMD98 by KAJA. Avatar: Huatay
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Initial tier for people who just want PMD (.M/.M2/.MZ) music files from my growing 東方 Touhou arrangement collection as well as any other fandoms I intend to make in the future…

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Higher tier for people who also want my PMD .MML source codes, either because they want to make their own variants with different FM instruments, or because they want to learn MML on their own and find other musicians’ MML files too messy or too confusing to read (I guarantee you, my sources are easier to read, since I do my best to lay them out as if they were sheet music).

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  • With your humble subscription and/or donation, you get priority access to my yet-unreleased PMD98 M/M2 files before everybody else does, plus exclusive access to prototype and WIP tracks. Higher-paying tiers also gain access to my Music Macro Language (MML) source codes. Thankee!

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
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  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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