The Salty Nerd Podcast
A snarky pop-culture podcast with funny & salty takes on movies, TV shows, & other nonsense.
Quarantine Games
My dream job is to create high quality video game entertainment videos. If I reach my goal I will quit my job and work on create entertaining videos for you full time I'll catalog and report all man hour spent on projects and having meeting with supporters. I would be starting this as a small business and treating it as such.
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E. Darwin Hartshorn
I make books and games, mostly for kids.
i'm a transmasc streamer and artist! Nice to meet everyone, and I hope you enjoy the content!
I stream a variety of games on as well as make video game content for YouTube
A Streaming & YouTube video game channel for those of you who enjoy watching some RPG's, RTS's or MTG content.
Yuri Jacobs
I've been playing Retro video games for over 40 years. I also enjoy Sports, Classical music, Museums, surfing the Internet, making friends on-line and off-line.
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Valiant Studios LLC
Official SubscribeStar Account for Valiant Studios LLC
I've been composing music ,designing sounds for video games for a long time, I've decided to take a leap forward and hone my abilities in game audio so that I can sufficiently support my career.
The Embraced One
Creator of
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Indigo Gaming
Indigo Gaming is a solo YouTube project that covers video games through reviews, retrospectives and longform documentaries.
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Retroreloader - Returnlearn - Heartsmindsmedia
Creating Retro Art, infographics, Books and Games.
Tava Yachi Entertainment
Tava Yachi Entertainment is a small studio making indie games.
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Comic Booger
I know what I like, I know what I dislike, and sometimes I just want to share with the world some of those perspectives.
InfinityArk LLC Making independent games and animation current project: Constancy Roa
6 subscribers
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