I perform art/entertainment through cinematography on music, gaming, philosophy, theology, physical training and other activities. YouTube is my preferred platform at the moment. Here's my channel
I create dissident video essays on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: political analysis, philosophy, culture as well as history. Your support ensures the continuation of this project into the future.
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Third Academy
We make videos that bring the true philosophy of the Ancients into a more accessible form, without sacrificing the integrity of their teachings to modern sensibilities.
What About The Roads
Writing articles, analysis, and more, voluntarily.
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I have a lot to say about Philosophy, Science and reason. you can find me creating content on YouTube where I have my main channel.
Philosophy videos are free. Politics videos are here.
Rogue Ways
Rogue Ways creator, Middle Path teacher, Spiritual Healer & Tarot loving soul
Coles on the Coast
We are a Gulf Coast family of 6 on the journey of becoming more self sufficient.
Video essays pertaining to subjects such as philosophy, history, politics, and economics, in addition to interviews with various authors and public figures.
Contemplating History
Help my channel survive by donating $3 so I can continue to make content.
Art, poetry, & prose.
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rogue planet
You're helping me write space opera, cosmic horror, action/adventure stories... and tell you about Plato, Kant, and Heidegger.
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We create high-quality videos fighting for the humanities.
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The Pholosopher
Support me in creating more content promoting philosophy, Phở, and the right to bear arms!
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Holy Koolaid
I make short, laser-focused, animated videos debunking pseudoscience and pushing back against extremism and dogma. My channel:
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The Objectivist
I talk about a myriad of topics related to philosophy, relationships and literature. My goal is to incorporate the most relevant research and my personal experience to provide you with an honest and authentic perspective. Find my videos at
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Mind and Magick
Frater Xavier creates video content specializing in Hermeticism, Western Ceremonial Magick, Philosophy and the Occult.
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Think Before You Sleep
Think Before You Sleep is a channel that provides philosophy and psychology lessons by breaking down pathological people.
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Next 100 Years
Liberty, The Technological Singularity & The All Mighty
I make videos and write blog posts on Christian and philosophy issues, largely apologetics related.
I create Videos of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion as well as humorous thumbnails

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