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Ancient Wisdom for Modern People. Practical wisdom is the foundation, and ceiling, of our lives. The apex of Western philosophy and Eastern wisdom is what we offer here. Ethos from Aristotle, and Ananda of Krishna!
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Level 1 Discord access Access to all videos and podcasts not already on free sites like YouTube.

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Level 2 Discord access Monthly Q&A Daily/Weekly Ethos Journal Spreadsheet

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Level 3 -Everything from Level 1&2 -Monthly 1-on-1 session

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Level 5 -Everything from levels 1-4 -Partnership with the Academy; Teacher Training

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  • Check out our website; to get a free PDF on universal wisdom, and learn more about us. At the highest level subscription, we offer 1-on-1 education/coaching/therapy sessions.
  • At the lower levels, you get access to our discord server, forum, and Q&A

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Ethos Ananda Wisdom
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Here's our first podcast/show, check it out! Part 2 with Dr. E. Michael Jones is coming out soon.
#LogosRising #EthosGrowing
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