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Why SubscribeStar

The only purpose of our existence is to serve you, our Stars.


Flexible and attentive to your needs. No micromanagement, overreactions or judgements.



Comprehensive statistics and analysis. Easy to understand fee structure and pricing policies.



Your content and data are protected. We are fully compliant with all industry requirements.

Success Stories

Just a few words from the grateful content creators of SubscribeStar.

I lost a lot of supporters when Patreon suddenly saw it fit to start exercising editorial control by banning those whose politics their management found disagreeable. Many people were properly disgusted by these acts of illegal censorship on the part of an internet utility. But I got all of these patrons back, and many more, thanks to SubscribeStar, which put me and my supporters safely beyond the reach of mean-spirited yet meaningless partisan politics.
Before finding Subscribestar, I was looking for a place that would allow me to use my gifts, talents, and skills to bless those who sought my advice. I was looking for that perfect central place where my clients could contact me, and I could respond to them, all the while giving them a chance to give back in appreciation for my time. Simply put, Subscribestar was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I look forward to their future growth, and in turn, that of all of us, their subscribers.
Subscribestar has one of the best supports I have ever seen with a major company. They have always responded promptly to my requests, helped me set up the payment and even went overboard to help me with an issue that I had with my payment provider. They msged the payment provider tech support (who was ignoring me) themselves and within a couple of days the issue was solved.

What about the money?

You are in control here. The revenue will depend on the number of subscribers you have and on the subscription price you set.
Move sliders on the Revenue Calculator to estimate your potential monthly income.
* - The calculation takes into account our Service fee (5%) and Transaction Processing fees (2.9% + $0.3 on average).


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Content Samples

Artists, entertainers, bloggers and vloggers, musicians and political commentators, DIYers and educators -
all are welcomed at SubscribeStar.

How to start?

The whole sign-up process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish.
Ss how 01
Sign Up
Anybody with creative mind and media-sphere presence can sign up now and start earning regularly.
Ss how 02
Post and Share
Post text, images, videos, audio, documents. Create polls. Apply rich formatting to refine the look.
Ss how 03

Get Paid

When enough funds collected, request a payout and receive your money in almost any country.

What do you get?

With free profile on SubscribeStar every content creator gets a set of tools to help making the everyday publishing routine a pleasure.

The list of tools is evergrowing and based on your requests.See all Features
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