I FIRMLY stand on my first amendment rights as an american citizen ! I will discuss my life and all that intrigues me and hopefully it will Put Something On Your Mind #FlyFree #BecauseItsAPrivilege
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Non Custodial Parenting
All the stuff you’ll later wish that you knew. By the dad (and daughter) that learned it the hard way. So that you don’t have to.
Reviving Folk Vitality in the Modern World. Video, Podcast and Blog with vital information on living holistically- from a traditional, conservative, feminine and primal perspective.
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Van Journey
We're Martin and Kate - we travel full time on the road, as a nomadic family of 4 humans, 2 rescue dogs and 1 cat. Since 2017, our rolling homes have been our only homes…. finding our way, earning, living life to the full and exploring. We love the lifestyle we’ve created ourselves... we hope to inspire, help + guide others, by sharing real life experience - keeping it real along the way. Now on our third van (inc a 4x4 off grid self build), so far we’ve adventured over 24 countries + 4 Greek islands in our vans alone.
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one of nine
Real life Catholic mother channel. With mums for mums.
Mr. Patriarch
A reactionary family man making videos on history, politics, culture and Christianity.
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Julia Follin (Julia's Wellness Tips)
Planning to answer Q and As here and share more exclusive content (recipes, consultations, etc)

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