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I'm a self-published author writing fantasy and science fiction novels.
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William's Corner


I've got enough chapters posted here that finding things is starting to become an issue, so this is an experiment in creating a proper index post. Links will be added as I have time.


Stories that I'm currently working on, or expect to pick up again at some point.

Revenant (Daniel Black book 5)
01  02  03  04  05   06  07  08

Siege of Scottsbow (System Apocalypse book 2)
01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13


Stories that have actually been finished, and posted here in their complete form.

Jungles of Alabama (System Apocalypse book 1)
01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28

Plot Bunny Farm

Stuff I wrote a few chapters of, but don't currently plan to finish. Sometimes that's because the idea wasn't working, or turned into something I don't want to write. But sometimes it was just an issue of time constraints, so you may occasionally see me come back to one of these concepts.

One reincarnating hero with memories of past lives is a threat to the established order. Three of them, in one place, working together? This is going to get mesy.
01 - 02

A Walk in the Woods
Another early fantasy story of mine.
01 - 02

Erotic Invasion
Earth is being invaded by sex monsters? We've all seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
01 - 04

Farm Boy
One of my early attempts at a story in the setting of Alice Long. A young man fresh off the (25th century equivalent of a) farm, headed off to the big city to make his fortune.
00 - 01

Hentai Daniel
A story that asks the question, what would have happened if Daniel Black were a complete horndog?
01  02  03

Hentai Jungles
An alternate Jungles of Alabama where the System introduces lewd threats along with the lethal ones, and Tom actually is an evil hypnotist. Not for everyone, because evil mind controller Tom obviously ends up being kind of rapey and misogynistic, but it does make for some interesting scenes.
01  02 

Hero Academy
A young man on his way to hero school. Shares the same fantasy setting as Woodland Prince.
01 - 02

Journey of a Thousand Years
A xianxia-style cultivation story, following a young master who's smart enough not to be arrogant.
01  02  03  04  05  06  07

Paradigm Wars
In a world just like our own, people have suddenly started getting superpowers. Surely nothing could go wrong...
01 - 03

Another early attempt at a story in the same setting as Alice Long. When you're signed up for cryonics, there's no telling when or where you might eventually wake up.

Tower of Loquan
One of my early attempts at a fantasy story.
01 - 02

Woodland Prince
An old fantasy story, in the same setting as Hero Academy


  • Monthly bonus chapters (either advance chapters from my current book, or other material that may never be published).

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Revenant 8

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Hentai Jungles 02

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Hentai Jungles 01

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William's Corner
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Life has been kicking my ass these last coupe of weeks, so I'm afraid there's no new Daniel Black chapter. But I don't want to have another week of no new content, so I'm going to dig up a few chapters of other stuff to post. I'm also going to spend a few hours today getting that index organized, and reposting some old stuff that may or may not have ever been seen here.

In other news, those of you who wanted more Alice Long are going to be getting it. I think I've finally found a good resolution to the large-scale plot issues that have plagued the series. I had originally planned to write two or three books of her growing up, getting her feet under her and making contacts before introducing the big endgame plot. But throwing normal 25th century human problems at her tends to turn into a Mary Sue stompfest, and she's not dumb enough to get herself into the level of trouble that even her mods can't get her out of. So instead I had to come up with some antagonists that are actually dangerous to her, and are connected to the intended grand plot of the series in a way that naturally leads towards future plot developments.

So I'm going to start re-posting chapters, in preparation for my fourth attempt at writing this *#$*! book. We'll see if it works this time, or if my muse gives up in despair again. Serious far-future SF has turned out to be ferociously hard to write, but it's a lot of fun when it works.
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William's Corner

Revenant 7

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William's Corner

Revenant 6

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