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A software developer working primarily on storage software (mergerfs,bbf,scorch) and 3DO emulation (libretro 4DO core).
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Consciousness Matters
I've had incredible experiences from tantra (which I could verify) to telepathy along with experiences I can only describe as spiritual enlightenment, yet I want to understand the rational truth about consciousness.
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Anarchist Mountain Goat
Hello there everyone. This is the Anarchist Mountain Goat. My mission is to help you journey upward in this wilderness of communitarian political correctness.
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JRCSalter was born in the mid eighties in the Westcountry of England. And ever since he has had a passion for creating things, from building LEGO, to writing stories, to making stories with LEGO.
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I'm a writer of science fiction and supernatural stories based in Victoria BC, Canada. Some of my tales are serious, some amusing. First story published in 1978 and I've been writing on an occasionally semi professional basis ever since.
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Media Monarchy
The Real News... Remixed!
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free thought lives
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I am a YouTuber who does comic book and manga reviews, funny Let's Plays, audiobooks of children's stories, original comics, and art history videos. I strive to listen to all my subscribers and provide entertaining and insightful content on the arts.
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James Allsup
I create videos, produce podcasts, give speeches, and conduct historical research. Your investment allows me to continue produce informative, engaging material that can be enjoyed and shared. Thank you!
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Lupe’s Den
Creating whatever I feel like
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The Pholosopher
Support me in creating more content promoting philosophy, Phở, and the right to bear arms!
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Vulpes Tribus
I paint and write about fantasy settings. I also stream games on twitch if you're interested in that stuff.
Red Pill Oasis
Join us at the Red Pill Oasis which offers relief from a blue pill world
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Nova Nocturne Art
Nova Nocturne Art is the studio of Alexis Larson, an animator, illustrator, and designer. She is always creating and sharing new works with fans and visitors alike!
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Official page for Blackpilled.com!
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Err Arachnica
name a creative skill, and i either know it or can learn it very quickly. video games. writing.TTRPG. audio. art. whatever else i see fit to make.
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My name is Norman Doering and I have a Youtube channel where I plan to be uploading videos that will help artists become better and faster.
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Bret Weinstein
Evolutionary theorist, professor in exile, creating content on evolution, civilization, and intolerance.
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Sacred Beast
I am the Sacred Beast, a novice writer with a focus on tabletop game development, comics writing, and perhaps more to come.
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The Smiling Dutchman is a site that was started in 2013 reviewing hardware, apps, and giving helpful tips & tricks along the way. We strive to keep you in the loop on how technology affects your life.
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