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White-and-crimson wizard, amateur internet-anthropologist, "Pointless on Manifold Fronts", Making Centrism Great Again. ("oo • zuh • lue").
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Subscription Tiers

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  • You will be credited for your support at the end of videos and in video descriptions.
    • Message me if you wish to opt-out, or be referred to by a name different than that on your SubscribeStar profile.

Lore: You have an aptitude for magic, and may walk the path of the wizard.

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  • Access to Discord voice channel for stream guests, which I will join during many streams
  • Listen live to streams without delay, via a Discord channel
  • Moderate access to patron-only or early-release content via Discord

Has access to all the perks of the tiers below.

Lore: You have developed your magical talent into a profession, but still have much to learn.

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  • Priority access to regular patron chats/broadcasts; access is exclusive if 3 guests join
  • Receive optional Discord notifications for patron-only material posted

Has access to all the perks of the tiers below.

Lore: Your magical talent has grown into an expertise, and you could be the magical consult for a town.

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  • Once per month, choose either an interview, or an advertisement slot
    • The advertisement must be less than 10 seconds and will show at the end of a main-channel video
    • I will disclaim the advertisement briefly before showing it
    • The interview can be private, recorded, livestreamed, etc. Name your preference

Has access to all the perks of the tiers below.

Lore: Your magical talent is strong enough to make you a valuable adviser to local lords and minor royals, you could be one of only a few in a city.

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  • Broadcast a video you have created on an uzalu channel of your choice
    • You may only choose to do this once every 3 months
    • Your can redeem this for the first time after providing only one month's funding. After that, you must provide three months of funding before redeeming this.
    • When submitted, your video enters a queue from which one video releases per month, meaning only one video is broadcast monthly across all patrons
    • Video publishing is quality-dependent, though my standards will not be as high as for my own videos. Naturally nothing illegal or otherwise unethical, dishonest, etc.
    • The video will be labelled as a guest video, patron video, or similar

Has access to all the perks of the tiers below.

Lore: Your skills make you a legend across your nation and perhaps several others. You are in high demand from kings and emperors.

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  • Make any request related to my public services, and I'll do it so long as it does not misrepresent anyone, intrude on anyone I value, noticeably affect my bottom-line, or otherwise have significant negative consequences. My best judgement always applies, naturally.

Has access to all the perks of the tiers below.

Lore: If there are any of your power in the world at all, their number will be few, and their fame unprecedented if not diligently secluded.



  • It turns out the path to magic is paying me... who'd have guessed?
  • More funding to this enterprise means more time spent doing it.
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